No Wash Weekend & Progress


Hair – A Week in Review
Yeah … wash day got skipped this weekend. Had some priority stuff going on with family and needed to head down to south Jersey unexpectedly on Saturday morning. Then, after hot yoga on Sunday, was pretty whipped and just didn’t feel like pre-pooing and having to get into the shower a second time later in the day. So, twists it is!

As a recap, last week I wore braids Monday through Wednesday:

Then, I wore a braid-out on Thursday and Friday morning:

I was TIRED after the meet-up! *lol*

On Friday afternoon and Saturday, a pineappled braid-out turned into, what Nisus and Nuri of It’s Just Hair have coined, “The Buff” (check out their post, Birth of the Buff™, for details ;)).

Stuck in Turnpike traffic.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, after waking up from a two hour post-hot yoga nap, I decided to just twist it up! I didn’t use any product to twist. I just grabbed sections that were clumped together and next to each other, then twisted. Once I was done, I broke out some leftover diluted Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose conditioner from the fridge (I made it to moisturize my braids earlier the prior week). I thoroughly spritzed the twists, sealed the length with a JBCO/EVOO mix and lightly oiled my scalp with Wild Growth Hair Oil.

Because my hair was very stretched from the braids and I didn’t use a lot of product throughout the week, I felt comfortable skipping a wash weekend. If my hair was very tangled like it gets with a WnG or had a lot of product build-up, I probably would have made sure I washed my hair. At the very least, I would be washing it by Tuesday at the latest. But, because it feels decent, the plan is to wear these twists for a few days, then a twist-out maybe or I might just end up bunning it. Only time will tell ;).

Health & Fitness – Progress or “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”
I had an okay week exercise-wise and a pretty good week as far as my diet goes. I did hot yoga last Sunday, the Cardio Max Week 3 work-out on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and hot yoga again this past Sunday. And … drumroll please … I’m down 5.5 pounds in 4 weeks!!! You may remember that, in my post Rock Bottom, I indicated that I was up to 135 pounds from 120. Well, sadly, I got on the scale a few days after that post and actually weighed in at 138.5 pounds :(. Can you say, “Disgusted?” Anywho, the scale has been going up and down, but it registered 133 pounds yesterday morning and I feel like that’ll stick. It’s not a huge amount to lose in 4 weeks, but I’m happy with it given that I’ve had a very moderate diet and exercise routine. Also, my personal experience has been that my first month of working out and eating right always involves very little scale movement, but tons of other tangible results … i.e. I feel better, I look better, my clothes fit better. So, I’m just going to try to stay focused on getting a little bit in most days of the week and eating decently. This will be week four of The Biggest Loser Cardio Max and I plan to get at least four days in with Bob and Jillian … but, I’ll shoot for five.

Random Stuff
To wrap this up, just wanted to tell you guys a few things. I ordered and got gifted quite a few goodies last week that I’ll be sharing with you over the next couple of weeks! “Products, Clothes and Accessories, OH MY!!” *lol*

Given that I had so much new and unused stuff at home, I was able to resist my PJ urges when Wei and I hit the grocery store Sunday night and I saw this in the toiletries aisle at ShopRite!!

“Rose Mosqueta Oil? Eucalyptus Oil? Sweet Almond Oil? What the hizzay?!?! When did ShopRite get all of of this?!?!” I didn’t investigate too closely as I didn’t want to have an incident. So, I just snapped some quick picks to share with you ladies and kept it moving!! But seriously, my ShopRite is really stepping it up! Who knew??

And with that, I bid you ladies adieu!


Can you skip a wash day? If so, what enables you to do so and how do you manage your hair when you do? How many days can you stretch? What products, styles and/or techniques allow you to make it to your next wash day?


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  1. My hair is pretty short, when wet I have major shrinkage. Pretty much ear lobe length so twisting my hair doesn’t look right to me yet I want a protective style to wear majority of the week.
    I am fairly new to the natural hair care method. I have been doing the curly girl method but I don’t have the time each morning to wet my hair. My curls are tight and small, which would be beautiful once it’s length


    • I don’t believe wetting/co-washing the hair every day is good anyway anon. I just responded to someone’s question about this on FB yesterday with this:

      “I think co-washing every day can be damaging (causing hygral fatigue – excessive swelling of the cortex of the hair due to the absorption of water, which can cause cuticle damage). I don’t think it’s necessary or really good for hair. I only wash my hair once a week, maybe once every two. If I need to re-wet, I spritz with a water bottle, but I use leave-in conditioner, not water.”

      I keep pointing ladies to this article that was on Curly Nikki a couple of months ago:


  2. Hi Shelli! I find that I can skip my normal weekly wash day for another week, but not more than that. I think it’s because I’m transitioning (18 months), and I now have more new growth than relaxed ends. My new growth is drier than my relaxed ends and therefore can take on more product before the dreaded build-up sets in. When I was fully relaxed I could never skip a weekly wash day because pretty much any product I put in my hair weighed it down.


  3. Hi Shelli! I wash twice weekly, Sunday PM and Wednesday PM. I can skip a day because I use KCCC/KCKT, refresh with shower steam and spritz with Jane Carter N&S leave in conditioner. If anything my 4c TWA gets tackier, not drier, if I skip a wash day with this regimen.

    Some ShopRites have Hispanic Beauty aids next to the African American Beauty products, but I’ve never seen the Rose Moscueta – will certainly take another look!

    *Mr. PJ Risin* (Paraphrasing Jim Morrison)

    ps: I was inspired to begin a running training plan. Went to Lady foot locker & got fitted for some Asics runners and downloaded a Couch to 5k app titled “Get Running”!


    • I know it does depend on which neighborhood you are in. but I will drive lol like you say I was in a neighborhood that is mostly this or that I will know where to go in Philly to look for it.


    • Truth, that is awesome!! Once I finish the 6 weeks of Cardio Max, I’m going to start incorporating my C25K training again. Gotta get my money’s worth out of that treadmill!!


  4. Check the ingredients on those so called natural supps. I went to Whole foods (yes Whole Foods!) for Vitamin E oil. Nothing on the shelf that wasn’t mixed with something else! (mineral oil!). I wound up getting my Vitamin E from Amazon.

    I was in the same kind of “don’t feel like washing my hair” funk. I had it all pre-pooed and nice and wound up braiding it. NO wash and it won’t happen for another week.


    • Oh yeah Michelle … I know to check those ingredients!! LOL!! Like I said, I didn’t investigate too closely, b/c I had all the products at home and didn’t need to even be contemplating anything new!! Did you notice that the Rose Mosqueta and one of those other oils are LaBella, the line that makes the curly gel that I like?!?!?

      And that is so funny that you skipped a wash day too and are doing so with a similar style!!


  5. Hold up in which aisle did you see all the oils at ShopRite??????? I need to know before I go back to Atlanta. I know I found my grape seed oil in the aisle with olive oil but I missed all that you showing.


    • Ummmi, it was where the natural lotions and stuff were …. I can’t remember if it was the aisles with the shampoo or with the witch hazel and stuff. But, it was with the J.A.S.O.N. and Alba products and, I think, it may have even been near the “ethnic” hair products.


        • Curlyummi – my Delaware shoprite has the Hispanic HBA next to the African American HBA. It has the oils (coconut, almond, grapeseed, avocado, etc) on a “you fancy-huh” shelf adjacent the vinegars and vegetable oils.

          ps. Did anyone read the label on the little “green” bottle between the “Merthiolate” and the “Sweet Almond Oil” on picture two?


          • Truth, I didn’t read any of the bottles … again, was resisting my PJ urges! LOL!! But, when I’m there again, I’ll investigate further to see what’s in these bottles. If the first ingredient in all is mineral oil …. BUST!! *lol*


    • LOL! You’re welcome:)!! Actually, I was thinking about it and … I wonder … since my curls are too floppy to make a puff … rather than a buff … should mine be called a bunapple™?!?! *lol*


    • Hi Brianna! You mean the black and white polka dot earrings? If so, I won them from Chy’s Curlz back in February!! She has an Etsy shop called ChysHandmades. Check it out!!

      I reached out to her and she doesn’t have black and white polka dot earrings right now, but she has others. And she said that if you that specifically, just let her know and she will get the fabric to make them for you custom;)!! HTH!!


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