Styling My Individual Braids


I don’t believe I mentioned this here, but I’m going to the Curly Nikki Meet-Up in NYC this Thursday *Whoop-Whoop*!!! So, I decided to leave the braids I set on Sunday for a braid-out in until Thursday. I’m hopeful that I’ll get a defined set that holds through the night *fingers crossed*.

That being said, I had to figure out how to style my braids for work until then. As they are very scalpy and I set two braids at my crown to fall towards my face (for lift/volume when released and reversed) instead of directing them towards the back of my head, I didn’t feel comfortable wearing them down.

So, on Monday, I styled them in a French twists of sorts with the ends that were curled on perm rods “cascading” at my crown. I left the front two braids out to frame my face and accessorized the look with a black satin wire headband.

On Tuesday, I used synthetic braiding hair to make a long braid and form a big bun that I adorned with one of my DIY flower hair clips.

I was a little manipulation happy last week, so I’m glad to give my hair a break for a few days. So, I will leave this bun in for today too. This evening, I’ll release the bun to lightly mist my braids (which were very soft and moisturized by the way!) with some leave-in conditioner and seal with an oil. This should help eliminate any irregular bends from the braided bun. It should also help enhance the definition of the set and, hopefully, encourage a little shrinkage that will “pump up the volume.”


So first, who else is going to the Curly Nikki NYC Meet-Up?!?! I’d love to meet some of you in person!!

Second, do you wear your natural or transitioning hair in individual braids? If so, how do you style them?


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  1. My hair is not nearly as long as yours (but like a 1/2 past shoulder length) and that bun probably wouldn’t work for me. Do you have any suggestions for styles I could wear while keeping my braids in like you had yours?


    • Lex, do you mean that you don’t think that you could do the bun with extension hair? Not sure if you saw that bun is with a lot of added braiding hair! My braids would never make a bun that big:). You could also roll your braids into a French twist with the ends tucked. To give it fullness, you can add a “donut bun” or some rolled up braiding hair. I did this post a while back on a couple other styles I did by with box braids on my own hair:


  2. I really love how your hair looks in that first pic. It’s so cute! I have my hair flat twisted in the front and then the rest is in medium size rope twists. I’ve been giving my hair a rest for a few days too. I may even leave it in for the CN event. yes I’m going! I may even come alone because everybody is busy.


  3. Your hair looks really cute with the black bow headband. I usually leave my hair braided for a couple of days in the colder months I wear a crochet hat but now I’m going to try to recreate some of your looks


    • Hi Reese! I just made my braids the center section for the big braid and looped the braiding hair under my braids to form the other two sections. Then, I braided it all together. Thing is, I just checked a post I did last year when I previously did a similar style. But, realized then, that I had my hair in all three sections and added the braiding hair to the outer two sections, prior to braiding it all together. I think that bun looked better as the braids were in all of the sections.


  4. I have set sites on all points North and will attend the CN event tomorrow. Shelli, you need to establish a secret handshake, time to meet, rendezvous…for all your curlfriends to meet up at the venue.

    As for my individual braids, my hair is way too fine and scalpy (did I just create a word). So braids at night are released and bunned in the morning. This will probably be my style of choice tomorrow at the Meet Up esp since I plan to hit NYC hard prior to the event.


  5. 1. Your bun is sooo cute
    2.. I am SOOOOOOOOO upset that I will miss you YET again as I’m not able to go to the curly nikki meetup in NYC! &*^@***&^#! ARGH! lol. Oh well, at some point we HAVE to meet b/c you are my friend in my head! 🙂
    3. Me and braids ain’t friends. It probably forever shall be 🙂


    • Awwwww M!!!

      1. Thank you!!
      2. Boooooh!! Wait, do you even live out on the east coast??? Okay, one day we have to meet in person!!
      3. You are hilarious!! You two need to work it out ;)!! LOL!!


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