A WnG Experiment


Tiffany’s back to share her Wash and Go results after experimenting with various products. Check it out!!


1. Cantu Leave-in Conditioner: Just applied to wet hair direct and let air dry.

Results: Kind of heavy, no curl definition, no volume, no crunchy feeling and a little frizz. Absolutely no shine. This is also before I became Jaded!


2. Curls Unleashed Curl Defying Cream: Heavier than the Cantu Leave-in. Applied to soaked hair using the rake and shake method. Air dried.

Results: This stretched the bottom half of my hair a lot and left my curls soft with a little hold. No crunch. As for the top it, left it with no hold or definition, so I had to pin it back. It gave a lot of shine and no tacky feeling.

3. Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly: This is a gel, not a cream like the top 2. It has the consistency of Kinky Curly curling custard. I mixed with water to thin out the consistency, then added to sopping wet hair, sectioning using the rake and shake method. I added a bang by using small perm rods, then I diffused. I did not fluff.

Results: This gave a lot of hold, no frizz (hence the diffuser) and a little crunch, but that was eliminated by scrunching the curls when completely dry.

This is second day hair using Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly. I fluffed and went. Notice a little frizz at the top. I didn’t sleep too well and this was post hangover. Lol! I love bigger hair on this day.

On Day 5, if I choose not to wash it, it looks like this:

I just add some olive oil for shine, fluff and go. I LOVE IT. So, from this experiment, I realize that your hair’s outcome depends on the product used, the technique to apply the product and whether or not you air dry or diffuse.

My hair loves Wonder Curl all the way around.



Want to learn more about the “Rake & Shake?” Learn how to do it here.

What product(s) and techniques give you the best WnG results?


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  1. Hey Tiff! Did you try the other two products and diffusing? I was just wondering what those results would like. You have way better results duplicating Tameeka’s work than I did…my hair looks nothing like it did using the WC jelly (I got some of the batch she used at the party too) after the Master’s hands were in it. But all of my curls curl now, no straight pieces! Your hair looks LUSH!!!


  2. @ Curly CHellz , I used the cantu and diffused it wasnt a good as the wondercurl but it was good enough. Im running very low of the wondercurl Im going to order some. THanks the process has become very easy for me .


  3. You have beautiful hair, but the WC pics are over the moon! Your hair just looks so full and luxurious. I don’t know if I have the most uncooperative hair in the world or what, but diffusing does absolutely nothing for my hair.


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