Wash Day: Trying Something(s) New


Okay, quick post to tell you a couple of new things that I tried/revisited this weekend on wash day. A full regimen update is coming later today.

My routine was pretty much par for the course:

  • Pre-poo/dry detangle and oil scalp
  • Shampoo
  • Deep condition with cool & seal technique
  • Style

Now, what I did different was this. I revisited the Aubrey Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo (if you remember, I posted here about it not working out too well for me). Well, actually, first I broke out the Terressentials Mud Wash in Lavender Garden that I’d yet to open. However, after trying to cleanse one twist, I knew it wasn’t going to work for my heavily saturated locks. So, I ditched it and decided to clarify with the Aubrey shampoo. Now, maybe it was because my hair was very stretched from the brush-out late last week, but things went much better this time. I also realized that really working up a lather created more slip than trying to prevent the shampoo from foaming. So, Aubrey Green Tea Shampoo may not be a wash quite yet … no pun intended ;).

The other thing that I tried was something else that has been sitting under my sink, mostly unused … but this one had been sitting for much, much, muuuuuch longer … since last July actually!! Goodness! Anywho, I used it once and then it went under the sink with the rest of my PJ-induced purchases ;).

I decided to layer the ORS Lock & Twist Gel on top of my modified Kimmaytube leave-in (LI) and Wonder Curl Butter Than Love (BTL) Pudding to see if it would help with hold and block humidity. I applied the LI heavily to wet (not damp) hair and then applied about a finger-full of the BTL and Gel to each section (15 total) before braiding. I sealed my ends with JBCO/EVOO and sat under my dryer for about 1 to 1.5 hours, setting the ends on rollers about 30 minutes into the drying time.

The plan is to see if I can get away with keeping these braids in for work today. Braid and twist outs always are more defined and last longer the longer that they are allowed to set. So, we’ll see. I’m writing this Sunday night and I may be too impatient to wait to see how the gel worked! But, if I’m running, like I usually am in the morning, there’s a good chance they’ll get another day to chill.

In Health & Fitness news, I completely fell off after Monday of last week. I did Cardio Max Week 3/Day 1, but that’s it :(. I hyperextended my left hamstring doing all of those lunges with Bob and all those sustained warrior poses in hot yoga on Sunday. I didn’t want to further injure myself and wanted to allow my body time to recover… or at least stop hurting, so I took off Tuesday. Wednesday, I was better, but didn’t get home until really late, because of the funeral of my church friend and a visit to my grandmother in the hospital. All of this was in South Jersey and I was physically and emotionally exhausted by the time I got home. Thursday – Saturday (yeah *sheepishly* Saturday … see, what had happened was … ), I have absolutely no excuse for not working out. I ate okay, though I was going hard on the 94% FF Pop Secret popcorn with some melted Smart Balance spread!! That being said, went to hot yoga on Sunday morning with a friend who I’d been telling about it. Hopefully, this will be our regular thing. And now, this week is a re-boot of Cardio Max Week 3. Bring it on Jillian (soooo talking trash. *lol*). Oh, and my first set of Zaggora Hot Pants arrived! I wore them for about 3 hours on Saturday. The intent was to work out. But … yeaaah … I didn’t. I just wore them. *lol*

So, that’s it.  Hmmmm … I really don’t know how to write a short post, do I? This is why I don’t like Twitter. I talk too much for it. Anywho, hope that you don’t mind too much ;)!!



Back to hair, have you tried the ORS Lock & Twist Gel? If so, how did you like it?


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  1. This is a quick post? LOL

    The LOC gel is pretty good. I like it. It’s been up in my closet a while though. I don’t use gel that often. Also, now that my curls seems to be doing their own thing pretty nicely, I’ve had less use for the gel. However, I promised myself I’d use up ALL my products before I bought another.
    this is getting hard though because I just ran out of Doris of NY hair mask and I really like it!


  2. I got a jar last week and used it on my twist. I like the soft hold and that my twist are flexible. It doesn’t give the shine that shea moisture curling souffle does, but I would use it again, maybe with a glosser for shine.


  3. I got that gel last year some time after seeing Kairox146 use it on one of the most fantabulous flexirod sets I have ever seen on YT. And well, I’ve never even cracked the seal. *hangs head in shame


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