Daily Archives: August 18, 2012

Still Rocked My Diana ….


I told you guys yesterday in this post that I had to “control” my brushed out Diana Ross hair for work, so I put it in a couple of braids.

A couple of you asked why I coudn’t rock the big hair. So, I wanted to clarify. I still rocked huge, Diana Ross hair. I just wanted to give it a little wave action so it didn’t look like what it was, just a brush out with no styling! *lol* So, when I went to work, my  hair looked like it does in the first picture. You see, still big and fluffy, but with some wave. By the end of work though, it lost most of the wave and was even bigger and more fluffier. And, it was all good with me ;).

Alright, so now it’s time to pre-poo and hit the basement for a work-out. I messed up this week and this will only be my second day of Week 3 of Cardio Max. But, I’ll explain that on Monday.

Alright, lata ladies!! Have a great weekend!!