Going With It … Well, Not Really.


LOL!! So, yesterday, I showed you guys what happened to my hair on Wednesday. It went from this:

To this:

… in the matter of a few hours. So, on Thursday, I pulled it back into a French roll and puff of sorts, because the ends had some curl and the back was still pretty defined (sorry, no pics). But, last night, I decided to just go with it and do something I probably don’t do any more than once or twice a year. I decided to brush it out into my Diana Ross look ;).

I worked in medium sections, first applying some Wild Growth Hair Oil Light, then gently brushing with a paddle brush working up from the ends to the roots.

Of course, I can’t wear my hair like this to work. LOL!! So, I put it into two braids, spritzed them with some water, then I smoothed  down the top and edges with a mix of Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and shea butter. Finally, I donned another “skull cap” I picked up at Sally’s and a satin bonnet for bed.

See my workday results here!



So what’s up for the weekend?

One of my good friends is transitioning, but has been wearing her hair straight only. We are planning a “hair” party on Saturday so that I can help her experiment with a textured style :).


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  1. HA! I was so inspired by it too…but I am rocking my Tracee Ellis-Ross curly fro to work!!!! I went running last night and washed my hair and then applied the Hair Rules Curly Whip then plopped for the entire night…I awoke to slightly damp soft, springy, bouncy curls that 45 minutes later had expanded and frizzed but still so soft-BUMP IT, I’m rocking my hair like this today!!! #IHeartBigHair


  2. I like your super big hair! Yeah Shelly, why cant you wear your hair to work? Girl, I’m a prosecutor/senior attorney and I’ve been rocking a super big Sylvers/Jackon 5 Afro all week! Yeah, it raised a few eyebrows, but I’m a Boss (lol). Lets integrate the business world! Sidebar, I’m an adjunct professor too ( I’m a hustler baby) and just ended teaching my summer course last night. When my students saw my crazy ass hair last night, I got so many questions about transitioning and natural hair. Expect some new lurkers to your website! Wear that beautiful hair out to work girl. We have to set the standard.


    • LOL!!! Queen, you are hilarious:)!!!! Don’t worry, I rocked the huge hair! Check out the post where I showed how I wore it to work. I just wanted to add a little wave to it, but knew it would still be big, soft and fluffy:).


  3. I am thinking you look more like Chaka! & I love it! ROCK that! I feel like Queenesq – “We have to set the standard.” I can’t wait for school to start back up so I can rock my natural and field questions from my students about natural hair and my transition…. They saw it happening last year now its ON & POPPIN’! lol! Hey… I wanna be an adjunct too! Let me get my hustle on proper – Shoot! Motivate me ladies!


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