Perfect Imperfection


Hi guys!! Have you seen Curly Nikki’s interview with Tracee Ellis-Ross?!?!? If not, get yourself over there right now and check it out here!! What a great interview!!

Anyway, the reason I’m pointing it out is something struck me about the above picture, which was the lead for the interview. After sharing M’s guest post this morning about Hair and Self-Acceptance … and then going to the interview and seeing this pic again … I wrote in the comments:

“You know what I love about that first pic and want to point out? Look at the irregularity of Tracee’s hair pattern. There are kind of straight pieces on the left and bottom right, it’s coarser on the top with a less definitive curl …. and we LOVE it! I think we are often too hard on our own hair, looking microscopically, dissecting every single curl, expecting perfectly uniform perfection. But Tracee’s curls aren’t like this and she is the hair idol of many a natural. At the end of the day, we need to look at our hair, our selves as a whole and appreciate the beauty of imperfection. #justsayin 😉


Looks like I’m having my very own Self-Concept Thursday!! Sorry for jacking your steelo Nik!! It just happened that way;)!


Do you embrace YOUR perfectly perfect imperfection?


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  1. I so agree with you Shelli…once I stopped trying for hair/curl perfection, I began to LOVE my curls and it’s quirks, it’s a part of ME and I fully embrace it!

    p.s.. that Tracee interview was great and had me wanting more…LOL


  2. Ooh I hate when that one twist doesn’t try completely and it looks frizzier than the others and I’m convinced it looks horrible 😛 but…no one ever seems to mind! lol

    …Um, what’s “steelo”?


  3. Loved the interview and am learning to love my natural hair… I am still transitioning (11 months in now!) and plan on being a longterm Transitionista (2 years) – but I can’t wait to see it all natural and full like Tracee’s!

    Sidenote: I am way over due for a GOC update. I am on it… Soon! LOLOL!!


  4. Oh how I wish I could, but I cannot! It’s just too imperfect and the reason I was a straight natural for 4 of my 5 years being natural. And the last year has been mostly made up of me pulling it back into faux buns or under wigs/weaves. I know you’re thinking it cannot be that bad, but I went to a natural stylist, who I would recommend to anyone in a heartbeat, and my hair laughed at her and her efforts. Now she only trims it because anything else is a waste of time and money. I already have self-esteem issues, but I’ve never felt unattractive. That is until I try to wear my hair out. But oh well, it’s just the cards I’ve been dealt, I just haven’t figured out how to play my hand yet!


  5. After reading this interview, I actually decided to try to go completely without gel this weekend and embrace my curl pattern for what it naturally does instead of what I try to force it to do. Don’t laugh, but I actually planned on staying in this weekend so if my little experiment doesn’t go so well I won’t have to go out in public looking a hot mess, lol. Baby steps!


  6. My motto is imperfection is perfection. I don’t want to look like anyone else and I love my quirky fine, multi textured hair. I’ve been working out and co washing my hair after I get home from the gym. I air dry, add some leave in, 2 strand twists, satin bonnet and go to bed. I wake up with a big ole curly, wavy fro and go to work. I haven’t worn an afro to work in years – since my TWA days! I’m usually a bun and updo girl. Well, to my utter surprise, I’ve been getting compliments all week! Go figure. I guess everyone is tired of my updos/buns (lol). While this Afro period will be short lived, it reminded me of how much I love my crazy strands and the versatility of natural hair.


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