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April-July GOC Update: Nadine (#30)


Wow! So long overdue. It has been a hectic couple of months. So many life changes. April/May/June/July was a tough time regimen-wise. I fell off. Dyed my hair. Started again (luckily I did not lose any hair). I lost a loved one, changed jobs, went abroad and have been working on my fashion knit-wear label. In progress, but back to hair talks. With all of this, however, I still manage to grab my daily fix of Hairscapades and Curly Nikki … Oh, and from time to time, BGLH.


Regimen (night):

  1. Part hair into 8-10 sections; spritz using a mix of 2 parts conditioner to 3 parts water.
  2. Detangle sections with fingers and then wide tooth comb (if after a WnG).
  3. Seal with oil mix of jojoba, rosemary, lavender, amla and almond oil (occasionally I remove the amla, depends on the state of my hair) and whipped shea butter (courtesy of Naptural85).
  4. Twist hair back into sections and pull into a ponytail with ends protected.

I have learned a lot about my hair. How different hair textures curl, shrinkage (to the max) and my middle part has heat damage from when I used to weave. It will not curl at all, which is a pain as it’s in the center of my head.

Regimen (day):
Is simple. I moisturize using Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment (my hair loves the stuff) and HEHH. I take down twists, fluff and go. Or, I usually use Eco Styler to bun my hair.

Go To Styles:
Buns, puffs, pompadours, WnG (especially while in Marmaris, Turkey),  stretched twist outs, etc.

I dyed my ends ombre-style using Superdrug Mango Copper hair dye. I dyed it once, it never took. Spent a few weeks treating my hair, moisturizing, making sure it was healthy and, today, I will colour it once more. Funnily enough, this is the colour I used to use back in college ’05 to dye my whole head. I am surprised that I still cannot get enough of this colour. I have been treating my hair with my senna mix (courtesy of YouTuber ‪CestMoiSamii‬ ). Also, I still do my ACV rinses once a month.

Still on a “no heat” program. The last time I trimmed my hair was when I put in a weave last September. I have noticed SSK after repeatedly WnGing whilst abroad.

I went to Marmaris in Dalaman, Turkey. There was a heat wave of 47 °C, which dried out my hair. My ends felt dry and brittle, but a quick spritz with my conditioner would often revive my thirsty hair.

I have learnt so much about my hair!!!!

Here are a few pics of my hair over the holiday and most recently!

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My next hairstyle is inspired by Melanie Fiona’s. This time video when she has the long braid … loved it! Can’t wait to show you updates next month whilst protective styling.

Also, follow my Instagram: @Nads X_o_x_o (or @nadcam). I post hair pics fairly regular on there.

Till the end of August,


It’s been a while, so I’m sure you could use a reminder about where Nadine started and her goals. Find her Initial GOC-The Sequel post here.


Miley Cyrus Big Chops!


Okay, I know she’s not natural or curly. But, one, I love the cut and think that it’s really cute and flattering on her. Two, I love the confidence it takes someone who has always had long hair to say, “CHOP IT!!” Three, I love what she said to the haters on Twitter:

“if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. my hair is attached to my head no one else’s and it’s going bye bye :) ”

Sounds realllllllyyyyyyyy familiar doesn’t it ;)? A big chop is a big chop, no matter  what your race, texture, status. At least, that’s my take on it. We have more in common than we know.

If that’s not a “Big Chop” smile of self-love and
liberation, I don’t know what is.

A Productive Sunday



I’m pretty proud of myself as I managed to get a lot done yesterday! My to do list?:

  1. Hot yoga (75 min. class) 
  2. Grocery shopping 
  3. Wash/Style hair 
  4. Laundry 
  5. Watch “Inside Man” (loaned to me 3 weeks ago) 
  6. Write 

One, two, three and five are complete. Four is in progress, with two loads done and put away, one in the dryer and one in the washer. And, yeah, working on number five right now;)!

As to the hair, I decided on a braid-out. Here is the wash weekend run down:

  • Pre-pooed/DC with Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner mixed with Vatika oil.
  • Placed hair in 6 twists.
  • Shampooed in twists with diluted DevaCare No Poo.
  • Conditioned with Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm (review coming soon!)
  • Detangled under water stream with diluted Herbal Essences Hello Hydration applied directly over Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm.
  • Rinsed.
  • Applied modified Kimmaytube leave-in (2 tbsp Kinky Curly Knot Today, 2 tbsp aloe vera juice, 1 tsp JBCO/EVOO mix).
  • Used shampoo brush to do a final detangle and evenly distribute leave-in through hair.
  • Set hair in 14 braids.
  • Sealed ends with Wild Growth Hair Oil Light.
  • Lightly oiled scalp with Wild Growth Hair Oil (original formula).

I finished my hair before leaving to hit the grocery stop and made a pitstop at Sally’s to pick up this:

You see, I was wearing a hat to camouflage my braids, but was worried about the hat messing up my roots. And, I’d been thinking about getting a fitted cap to wear under my hats for a while because, unfortunately, my satin bonnet often stick out of the sides like a saggy diaper!! *lol* And, a satin scarf caused a similar issue as it has too much material to hide. So, I remembered the Dri Sweat Active Wear Style Protector Cap and decided it was time to get one. At $3.99 (or $3.49 with Sally’s Club Card), not a bad investment as I think it’ll be great to wear under my non-lined hats come this fall and winter! And, because it has netting, it’ll be cooler than a bonnet!

So, this is what I plan on sleeping in and I hope that it’ll keep my edges smooth, while still allowing airflow o that my hair will finish drying overnight *fingers crossed*!!

In other news, I’m feeling pretty good because I completed week 2 of The Biggest Loser Cardio Max program (5 days), did Abs of Steel 5 days last week, threw in a 12 Minute Full Body Blast Ketttlebell workout on day 5 and did hot yoga too. I also had a dose of Green Vibrance most days of the week and ate well, with the exception of one slip-up on Saturday. I was going for healthy when I ordered a grilled chicken Caesar salad at a local pizza spot. But … DUY!! I forgot to order the dressing on the side and they DRENCHED the lettuce in Caeser! Dang. Oh well, I think hot yoga worked it out though!! Whew!! Talk about drenched!! Wei went with me and he said he doesn’t think he’s ever sweat so much in his entire life! Anywho, I finally got past the first two weeks of the Cardio Max work-out!! Week 3 and Jillian Michaels, here I come!!

And, that’s all she wrote! Literally! Well, almost …


Did you get to check off all (or most) of the items off your “to do” list this weekend?