Okay, here is another installment of “Random Things Shelli Likes” post ;)! In fact, that should say “Loves!” So, Community is one of those little jewels that is right up my alley with its silly, irreverent, clever and absurd characters and stories. This is a series that definitely has hits and misses. Sometimes you have to wade through some pretty ho-hum episodes … but it’s sooooo worth it. Because, when they get it right?  They get it sooooo RIGHT!! This episode was one of those times.

The plot? Our cast of characters all attend Greendale Community College. A friendly campus-wide paintball game has taken a drastic turn and a war now ensues. Why? Because the prize is … Priority Registration. The last man standing has first choice when scheduling classes in the fall. GO!


Best … episode … EVER.

I’m so happy that it got renewed for a fourth season!!! It was touch and go there for a while! I was going to be devastated if it didn’t return as there is so little “Theatre of the Absurd” type TV out there to feed my predilection for clever, geeky silliness. And so, for my other Community fans out there, how AWESOME is this poster:)?!?!?

(I REALLY need to start watching Dr. Who as I hate knowing that I’m missing out on hilarious references. Plus, I don’t want to chance getting my “Geek” card revoked. ;))  


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  1. I love Dr. Who! I have watched since I was a kid…. That is a long time…enough said. I plan on getting caught up on episodes one day soon! Staying in for a weekend, and have my own marathon through Amazon/Netflix/Hulu, or whoever has it. (Platinum Geek Card) LOL!


  2. I’ve seen EVERY episode of Community…”Basic Lupine Urology” was definetly one of my favorites. Especially with me being such a huge L&O fant too!


    • Tika, I had to look up the episode and I didn’t know what L&O was! Now, I realize it is “Law & Order” and … I missed that episode!!! I think that may have been when my DVR crashed on me and I lost episodes of shows!!! I’ll have to see if I can find that one online!!


    • My second favorite episode is the Chicken Fingers ep … Contemporary American Poultry!! HEE-larious!! And the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons one?!?!? LOL!! The show is brilliant. But, I just learned that Dan Harmon was canned:(!! I hope it stays funny … but, I can’t imagine it will seem the same. We’ll see when it returns, I guess:(.


  3. I love Community! I watch it with subtitles so i don’t miss a word. I love Abed and Troy. I loved the paintball episodes. I dont’ think I will miss Dan Hamon.


  4. I just started watching it on your recommendation and I’m only on the second episode, 4 minutes in, but I have to keep pausing it so I can breathe in between the laughter “Why do YOU teach Spanish?”


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