SO Lurkers … ???


by Weusi

Hello everyone …

I’m sure that you all saw Shelli’s LURKERS re-post. I did.

And … I don’t think that I count as a lurker, but I tend to view the site a lot more than I comment or post on it. If this was real life, I’d kinda be a creepy dude, so I just feel better saying hello to everyone here … so, HELLO!

I also want you to know that I dig all of your support on my S.O. He Says guest posts. Let me know what you’d like to see more of. And, let me know if there are lurkers to my column. Are there any? I know there is one. HI MOM! (Pops, don’t respond for her!) Are there any S.O.’s that read this?

And, for those that still have questions about marriage plans … there should be a post on that soon.

NOTE: Mom and Pop … you don’t need to comment! I know that you are waiting for some answers. I’ll let you know before anything is posted! LOVE YA!

(p.s. … I know … These comments directed to my parents may seem a little awkward. But … my parents read Shelli’s blog more often than we speak. In our family, that’s fine.)


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  1. Wow, I’m the first one to comment! First I would like to say that I think it is such a wonderful thing that you are showing your love and support for Shelli by participating in the blog and other aspects. It is very refreshing to have not only a male’s point of view, but a Significant Other’s point of view. It’s so easy for a random guy to say how they would feel about a certain thing but to be able to read the real heart-felt (good and not so good) thoughts that come from a Significant Other makes a very big impact. I’ve been fully natural since November and my husband has been deployed to Afghanistan for the past six months, so he has been gone for a big portion of my natural hair journey and I often wonder how he feels about it. Of course he says if I’m happy and like it then he loves it, and I really appreciate him for that. It’s very refreshing to see the loving point of views of our black men and you provide that. I wish you and Shelly many, many years of happiness and I look forward to reading more of your articles!


  2. keedy … thanks for the feedback and the good vibes! shelli & i are greatly appreciative for all the positive energy that others share with us! And in return we share that energy with you and respectfully salute your husband for supporting you and the ideas of freedom worldwide.


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