Henna Weekend


It was a long-overdue henna day this past weekend! My grey roots were a good inch long and the fact that I skipped an indigo treatment a few months ago and then had a couple of failed henndigo treatments my last go arounds was readily apparent. The center of the back of my head was NOT cute!

Calico cat roots in the back of my head.

Yeah, I’ve been working the last few weeks to REALLY mask that center part when I’ve worn braid and twist outs. On Saturday, I did a quick braid-out (“quick,” referring to how long it set, not the hour it took me to detangle and set it;)) with a little water, Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel and Wonder Curl Butter than Love, sealing the ends with JBCO. I released it using Moxie Bling. It turned out really cute …

But it didn’t last beyond walking out my door that day …

LOL. Anywho, see how my roots look fine here? Yeah, that’s the Touch Back Marker! That thing really works! Because, this is what my roots REALLY looked like …

So yeah, you see why I needed to suck it up and do a 2 step henna and indigo treatment this weekend!

I began the process with a pre-poo/DC of Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner mixed with Vatika Oil. I applied the pre-poo on Saturday night and placed my hair in 8 twists. On Sunday morning, after working out and getting some “thermal action,” I hit the shower and washed my hair in twists using diluted DevaCare No Poo. Then I did my normal two-step henna/indigo process, with one exception. Usually, I get in the shower and try to rinse my hair as free of henna as possible with conditioner before applying the indigo. But, I was in a rush as we had movie plans with friends. So, I only dunked my head in the tub, which was partially filled with water, to quickly rinse the henna. I hoped that it would work so that I could get rid of the shower/conditioner rinse between the henna and indigo applications. And … it did!!

Whoopee!! This means one less trip to the shower during my two step henna/indigo process … and … I don’t have to use as much conditioner either!! Win-win!!

And now, I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief as my once tri-colored hair is bi-colored again;).

As I’m writing this, it’s Sunday night and I have a head full of Matrix Biolage Conditioning Balm. I’ll probably end up sleeping in it, rinsing in the morning and letting my hair air dry in 4-6 big twists on the drive to work.

In other news, Wei and I had a belated birthday brunch with my youngest sister Shana and her friend on Saturday, hence the quick braid out. We went to this spot called The Turning Point in Hoboken. I was good and ate off of the “Fit” menu despite the delicious breakfast offerings (breakfast is my FAVORITE meal!). Then, on Sunday, after my henna/indigo treatment and with my conditioner-laden head covered with a baggie and hat ;), Wei and I went to see Total Recall with friends. TOTAL waste of time. Yeah … NOT a good movie. We were all bored to tears. “Doug,” Colin Farrell’s character, should have been dead 5 times in the first half hour. Although this was a “remake” of Total Recall, it was like a mish mosh knock-off of Terminator, Matrix and Blade Runner, all rolled together, with a sprinkling of Total Recall.

And finally, had a good week in regard to getting back into my exercise regimen and eating well (except for the popcorn at the movies … which I never have. But was treated by the friends, so I was a loser and didn’t say no. Probably set me back on my calories for the week :(.)!! I did the Biggest Loser Level 1 Cardio Max work-out Monday-Friday and 2 rounds of the Lauren Brooks 12 Minute Full Body Blast Kettlebell routine (24 minutes total) yesterday. And now … it’s time to do it again!! LOL! Anywho, I also took some “before” pics (Gawh!! Bleh!!) that probably won’t see the light of day until I have some good “after” pics to compare with them!! And maybe not even then!! So anyway, yeah. Feeling pretty motivated after seeing how far I’ve fallen 😛 and trying to keep it that way:)!


You know the drill;). How did you spend your weekend?


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  1. I henna’d this weekend too! I hadnt done it since May. I was a cool process as usuall. I ate so horribly this weekend Im so mad at myself. Friday we had left over. Then Sat the family and I went to cracker barrel and had breakfast , then we went to PF Changs for dinner which was so loaded in sodium I nearly had a stroke, then Sunday we had left overs and for dinner KFC followed by Krispy Creme Donuts. Not to mention this moring I have a donut and a Iced Latte (what.. I had a coupon for the latte)I cant even drink it because it seems like the girl dummped a fist load of sugar in it after I said lite sugar. Im all jacked up this morning. Not to worry Im going to the gym at 12 (muscle Mix) to get my self together. Happy MOnday.


  2. Thanks for this post. I absolutely love henna. I always give you props for “introducing” me to henna through your original post on CurlyNikki.com. I have been hennaing for a year now (once a month), and I bellieve my hair is doing great because of it. I’m transitioning (18 months so far) and I love the subtle color and strength that henna adds to my hair. I won’t even mention how bad I was with food this past weekend, but I did stick to my workout routine. LOL!


  3. I henna’d too…actually Thursday night (was off on Friday) deep conditioned over night and wash n go in the AM for a weekend trip. Yeah, Shelli, I bought the touch back marker after your review…and it really works…lol!! I’m trying to forget how bad I was this weekend with food!!


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  6. Your hair looks beautiful. I’m going to henna this weekend. Henna leaves my hair dry, so I’d like to make it moisturizing. Can you mix henna with yogurt only? Do you have to let the yogurt sit out?


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