Rock Bottom


I have a confession to make. Full disclosure. This past Saturday, I went to Shoprite … solely with the intention of buying a 6 pack of their DELISH buttercream icing cupcakes … and I ate them all … by myself. #dontjudgeme. Ummm … yeah … THIS was after realizing last week that my “fat” clothes are screaming mercy. My previously slim and toned arms are showing serious signs of dimpling (too kind a word). My knees have all but disappeared in the tree trunks that I call legs. And let’s not even talk about my thighs and gluteus maximus … MAXIMUS being the operative word. I’ve also been extremely tired, sluggish and unfocused.

Now, I know that this is not news to most of you, but I completely fell off the wagon and failed in regard to my GOC Health & Fitness goals. I haven’t done a Health & Fitness post in ages, because neither health nor fitness have been a part of my vocabulary for the last several months.

But now it’s time to try this again. No … wait. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” So, I cleaned house on Sunday, hit the grocery store on Tuesday and began the 6 week Cardio Max “plan” … again … this past Monday.

This is a progressive routine where you start with Bob’s 20 minute “boot-cap” workout for the first 2 weeks (Level 1), then add on Jillian’s 10 minute “explosive super-cardio drills” for weeks 3-4 (Level 2) and finally finish weeks 5-6 by adding on Kim’s 10 minute kickboxing workout (Level 3). I purchased this DVD last winter. I never made it past Bob. *smh*. But this time … this time … pray for me y’all.

I’ll also be doing a 10 minute Abs of Steel workout 5-6 mornings a week. Oh, and one last thing. I busted out my three pairs of Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts.

( for $38.99 and for $39.99)

Yes, you read that right. Three pairs. I got my first pair years ago and, although I can’t say for sure if they reduce cellulite, they make my thighs, butt and stomach sweat like crazy. Amazingly though, I only feel the sweat when I take them off! Anyway, I feel like they really helped shrink this problem area of my body and less fat means less obvious cellulite. I think my legs looked the best they ever had outside of when I was competing. So, I bought two additional pair a while after I purchased the first as I wanted to wear them every workout and didn’t want to have to worry about washing the same pair every day (hand-washing required) or hoping they would air dry by the next (which they never did).

So, I have three pair of these anti-cellulite shorts. Why, then, did I buy a Groupon for two pairs of Zaggora HotPants?

Mind you, I’d never heard of Zaggora HotPants until I saw the Groupon. Well, I did it because now I will have FIVE pair of anti-cellulite pants to get through the week without having to wash them … and … there was a significant savings on the regular price ($26 for the shorts, regularly $71.72; $39 for the capris, regularly $95.63). So, I figured, why not! I hope that they are a little thinner than the Delfin, but I suspect they may not be based on the appearance. They seem to be made of the same “scuba” material as the Delfin (of course they are advertising new, thinner HotPants now:/). Anywho, I still haven’t used my Groupons, but I plan on ordering the pants/shorts this week and will report back on them at a later date.

Alright, so to wrap this up, I weigh 135 pounds now … that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. I need to lose 15 pounds to get back down to my ideal weight of 120. I won’t be posting daily on my progress, but I plan to resume posting at least once a week on my routine and/or on something Health & Fitness related.

I may fall off the horse, but I always get back on it.


When did YOU know that you hit Rock Bottom in regard to your health and fitness? What helps motivate you to exercise and/or improve your eating habits?


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  1. Good morning! Well I can promise you that you are not alone because I have slipped off the wagon myself. I was on fire with working out for 2 months and now….NOTHING! I should be working out now before work instead of typing this. So….on that statement, I will set a new intention and get my behind out of the bed and go to work late so I can get my sweat on.
    I will endorse HOT PANTS. I purchased a pair from Groupon several months ago and I love them. I have been wearing similar shorts off and on whenever I work out for years now but these are better than what I have used in the past.
    I am going to look for The Biggest Loser Workout this weekend….I like the idea of having variety all in one DVD set.
    Oh, to answer the question, I hit rock bottom when the scale reached 250 lbs, now I’m more than 50 lbs less. It has taken years of ups and downs but I am not going to stop the life style change.
    This post just motivated me to get going again.
    See less of you soon….


    • Congratulations on the 50 lb weight loss Heather!! That is impressive!! And I’m glad my confession and attempt to redeem myself is helpful to you:)!! Okay, I finally ordered one pair of the HotPants today. I’m worried about getting the right size, so I ordered the extra small in the shorts to see if they are okay to wear now or if they will be too tight. I was afraid that the small would be too big after I get down to 130! Since I have the 3 pair of the Delfin, figured I’d either suffer a little tight as I’m supposed to lose 2 pant sizes in 2 weeks;). I don’t want them to be too big in a matter or weeks! Seems like most are saying they are over-sized, so I think the XS is the right size … sounds ridiculous to be getting an XS to increase weight loss, but that is a 2-4 USA size and we know that our sizes are vanity inspired;). I also e-mailed you to ask if they are machine washable, but I found on their blog that them must be hand-washed just like the Deflin. Dang! BUT, this is the awesome thing! I was able the thinner, softer 2.0 HotPant!!!! Yea!!!


  2. Hmmm…I have not quite hit rock bottom but these lbs are stubborn. When you work at a desk, it really handicaps you. I’ve learned to get up every few minutes, take a 30 minute walk for lunch (weather permitting) and do some stretches every day. At least 4 evenings a week, I work out. I want to lose 15 lbs to get to my ideal weight. It is very SLOW to come off!


  3. I Think im hanging on the side of the wagon , Ive been doing well considering all of my July events . Ive been working out atleast 3xs a week , but with all the intake of food and alcohol im just maintaining my weight. TIme for an update post , Ill knock several post out on friday night after I henna. I need some more color but im scared. So henna it is.


  4. I am so there. I am 5’2″ and I am at 130 now. I had gotten down to 120 at the beginning of July, but then I was traveling on and off for 4 weeks! I brought my zumba DVD along, but only managed to work out 3 times a week. It was also the food on the road that got me. When I am home, I have more control. I am going to get back on the wagon. It’s important not to give up! But I am sitting here with a cold! So, my body is really crying out for some TLC. Monday August 6 is my day!


  5. I hit rock bottom 3 weeks ago when I devoured a whole box of chocolate pop tarts in 2 days. Yes, chocolate pop tarts. I developed a taste for them in college and every once in a while I get a box and just kill them. Old habits die hard. Anyway, after that I decided to change how I eat and look at food in general. I finally read “Eat to Live” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and I haven’t looked back. I know the change in how I eat has made a difference because I’m not working out as much as I did, but I’m still losing weight while not being hungry. His focus is on eating healthy. Basically, I’m supposed to eat 1lb of raw fruits and veggies and 1lb of cooked veggies daily. I’m also supposed to limit my animal products. I feel as if the reduction in animal products has made the biggest impact. Either way, I’m looking forward to losing the weight I gained due to a crazy workload by eating right and then get back on the workout wagon when work slows down.


  6. The summer months are the worst for me. I am home relaxing and just munching away. Going to all the fairs, beaches and amusement parks doesn’t help either. These places have such good on the go food, but can get you in the long run. I have to lose 10lbs before school starts. Good luck Shelli, I know you can do it!!!


  7. I’m with you. I completely fell off the wagon this summer. I could kick myself because I was 10 pounds away from my goal!! I’m going to start today! I need to lose 25 pounds.


  8. I hit rock bottom in 2004, when going up the stairs at home and in general were hard. I weighed 186lbs and it was painful. So I got a gym membership and hit the gym as much as possible. I would add in proper eating from time to time. Now in 2012, I attend a different gym (since 2005) and take a boxing boot camp 1-2x a week, run 3-4x a week and use Nike Training Club app (free) on my iPhone. I have also minimized (not completely cut out) carbs, which helps because carbs really do make you feel bloated. No bueno. And I can proudly say I’ve lost a significant amount of weight. My bra size is back to where it was in 2003. I’m currently wearing a size 8 in pants and even that’s big. It all goes down from here! Lol But most importantly I feel great and that is what motivates me to keep working out and eating right. And please note I do cheat (I have a co-worker that makes to-die-for red velvet truffles o_O). Cheating is good and keeps you honest when done in moderation. 🙂


  9. I hit rock bottom this week after returning to work following a 2 month medical leave. I came back to work and threw my staff a “thank you” pizza party for working so hard during my absence. They, in turn, threw me a belated birthday party with 2 other staff members with July birthdays. Girl, we had the aforementioned pizza, plus 2 cakes, buffalo wings, etc. Hot sizzling mess! I took the “hold” off my gym membership since I got my medical clearance. I pulled out my Eat Clean books and magazines and pulled out my gym clothes for at least 4 visits. Called my trainer. Gotta shut this down now – the holiday season will be here before you know it – but damn those chicken wings were good!


  10. I do want to point out, that we must bear in mind that there is a definite difference in having “extra” weight, being “over”weight and being “obese”. I’m a mother of three girls and I find that after all my complaining about weight, they have picked it up to. The kids are all skinny as all get out, but they fret about having put on weight, which must mean that I have warped their self image by accident :/.

    What I’m trying to say, is that there is a great difference between feeling uncomfortable due to weight gain and having a serious health hazard on ones hands and it can sometimes be hard to be objective on the matter. I wouldn’t consider a person of 130 lbs (or even 140) to be over weight (I know, I’m from a different planet!), unless their a midget! And I don’t mean to offend anyone by saying “your weight gain isn’t significant enough”, but rather to remind us to keep things in perspective. It’s good to keep on top of our game, stay fit, healthy and feel happy, but… ya’ll know what I’m trying to say :D!


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