Oprah Au Natural


Wei sent this article to me to me at lunch time. I was so annoyed because I wanted to be the first to post it, but my real job interfered with my fun one;), so BGLH beat me to it!! LOL!!

Anywho, this is the first time Oprah has done an “O” magazine cover wearing her hair au natural. I think she should do it more often!! Although, on the other hand, I do wish that she would use “O” as a platform to feature more women of color on the cover of a major maganize … models, entertainers, educators, activists, entrepreneurs, executives, etc. … we don’t get a lot of shine and it would be great to see someone other than Beyonce and Rihanna on the newsstand. I mean, they are gorgeous and talented, but they aren’t the only black women, in addition to Oprah, worthy of a cover.

Sorry, went on a little rant. Anyway, the real reason I’m posting this is because Oprah’s hair is GORG!! You know that she went through her own hair trauma when she was a young TV reporter (she talked about it on Master Classes)? A bad chemical experience caused her to lose a ton of hair.  But, look at her now!!! Showed the pic to a friend of the non-ethnic persuasion at work and she said she liked it a lot and wished her hair could do that (she’s a fine-haired gal on the never-ending quest for volume ;)).

So, what do you think? Is Oprah’s natural hair crush-worthy? 

ETA: As pointed out in the comments below, Oprah is not natural. Her stylist, Andre Walker, dished on her mane last fall.

via TBO.com 

Q: Does Oprah use a relaxer? If so, how do you protect her from damage and breakage?

Andre: Yes, I do relax it. Most relaxers are either calcium or sodium based. I tend to like calcium based, or no-lye relaxers. They tend to be less damaging. Also, the new keratin Brazilian hair straighteners are great. But I want to learn more about them. I gave Oprah one once and the chemical fumes were enough to knock you out. But the hair is unbelievably beautiful. Still, I want to see and read more about it. I don’t think they are completely formaldehyde-free, because that’s the ingredient that makes them work.

*Side eye* to the comment that the Brazilian straighteners are “great,” but the fumes were enough to knock one out … but still the hair was unbelievably beautiful. Really? Stop at “knock you out.” Anywho, just wanted to clear that up. Even though she’s not natural, the woman has a gorgeously healthy and thick looking head of hair! *looking around* It’s all hers right???? *lol*


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  1. I actually love that it’s only O on the cover of her mag… Its like branding at its best and she only has people that she is close with on the cover with her… I also love her hair… I wish that more celebs would wear their hair natural – Most of them are natural under their weave and flat-ironed styles anyway – they have to be in order to not be bald with all of the styling they endure….


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