Blow-Out and Flat-Twist Bun


I really need to learn how to flat-twist man! Ugghhhh!!! I LOVE this style! I found it last year I think. Her hair appears to have been prepped with a blow-out and then flat-twisted towards the center back of her head and finished with regular twists.

Then, the length of the twists were bunned. Looking at this again is really making me contemplate going to someone to get this done … and adding hair for fullness and longevity, if need be (shoo … I don’t care)! What a pretty, feminine and easy summer style!

What say ye? Perfect style for sundresses and hot, humid summer days, don’t ya think?

(p.s. Anyone know of any really good, Flat-Twisting for Idiots YouTube tutorials? Help a sista’ out!! ;))


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  1. This is a very nice style! I figured out flat twists by watching whoissugar and lilith moon. I’m no pro, but I can now do them and make them look neat.


    • I think I’ve watched both of those videos too! I think Mrs. Ash B is right … try, try, try again! I need to practice and not get frustrated after a minute of trying to do it. Because, that’s what I do now!


  2. beautiful style! flat twisting is easier and faster than cornrows, imo! from Nikki at BBB: “Simply part a small amount of hair at the beginning of the section you are twisting, split it into two and cross the right piece over the left piece, pinch off a small amount of hair evenly across and add it to your new left section. Continue pinching off a little hair, adding it to each section and cross over until you get to the end of the flat twist. Keep a good grip on the end of the flat twist so it does not come undone.”


  3. Shelli,

    The model has your back profile. I thought for sure I would know your neck anywhere ~ guess not, huh? The style is smokin’ hot and would really be a great add to your updo arsenal.


    • Rhonda, I think you said the same thing when I posted this on FB a while ago! LOL!

      Sawah, I definitely see the similarity! When I first saw it, I think I did a double take … like, “Is that me? I don’t remember doing that hairstyle.” LMBO!!! I only hope that my hair would look that full, long and pretty! I really want to try this!


    • Love Laila! I think I’ve watched that video before and still wasn’t getting it, but I’ll watch it again more closely. The part that messes me up is the pinching the hair … am I pinching it from the outside, from the inside? I think she looks like she is pulling the whole section of hair under the twist to make the next turn, so that may be my problem, I was only trying to pull from one side of the other. I’ll try again!


    • I’ve watched LHDC tutorial in the past too! Still didn’t get it! LOL!! Sometimes it’s hard to see on dark hair. I’ll have to check out Lilith Moon’s video again too.


  4. Also the above photo is gorgeous, I love the hairstyle will definitely add to my favorites on the computer.

    ‘Msdanti1’ fellow youtuber has a great flat twist tutorial video that would help you out alot and plus she has great makeup tutorials that she has on her channel. 🙂

    Video titled:Part 1: Flat Twist Out Tutorial
    Here’s the link ~

    Video titled:Part 2: Flat Twist Out and Violet Makeup Look
    Here’s the link ~


  5. Shelli,

    I know that you enjoy the hairstyles from Lilithedarkmoon, but I just came across another youtuber ‘CuteGirlsHairstyles’ and she does some great styles on her channel.

    Even though it’s on a child, this hair style that the mom did is gorgeous :). I think this would look really pretty on you or any nieces that you might want to try this on hint hint…

    Video titled: Dutch Flower Braid | Updo Hairstyles
    Here’s the link:–8mg&feature=related


    • OMGosh Faye, I didn’t know this was Long Hair Don’t Care!! I know who she is and I definitely know for sure now that my hair will never be that full!!! LOL!! That girl’s hair is sooo thick!! I DROOL over it! LOL!! Beautiful!!


      • I love her channel! It gives me something to hope for…lol The evolution of her hair texture and the fact that she blow dries it and flat irons (she has changed her regimen a little lately with less heat) but her hair is still long and healthy! And I love her attitude! 😉


  6. Shelli,

    I am floored at this style and what you do to your hair. I love this so much and can not wait for my hair to grow so I can use it. My hair is so thin and does not stay in anything like this until I hold and pinned it all down lol.


    • Ummi, you know that this is not my hair right? I wish! I have just learned, because of all of the helpful ladies above, that this is Long Hair Don’t Care!! Now I KNOW my hair will never look that full without some added hair! That girl has a TON of hair!! She and Chime of Hair Crush are 2 of my hair crushes I DROOL over their hair!! LOL!! … Uggg, I would LOVE to have their thickness. And as to having thin hair, mine is fine with medium density, I guess. So, I am not opposed to adding hair to make it look as beautiful as this;). Never forget, we have lots of options;).


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