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Oprah Au Natural


Wei sent this article to me to me at lunch time. I was so annoyed because I wanted to be the first to post it, but my real job interfered with my fun one;), so BGLH beat me to it!! LOL!!

Anywho, this is the first time Oprah has done an “O” magazine cover wearing her hair au natural. I think she should do it more often!! Although, on the other hand, I do wish that she would use “O” as a platform to feature more women of color on the cover of a major maganize … models, entertainers, educators, activists, entrepreneurs, executives, etc. … we don’t get a lot of shine and it would be great to see someone other than Beyonce and Rihanna on the newsstand. I mean, they are gorgeous and talented, but they aren’t the only black women, in addition to Oprah, worthy of a cover.

Sorry, went on a little rant. Anyway, the real reason I’m posting this is because Oprah’s hair is GORG!! You know that she went through her own hair trauma when she was a young TV reporter (she talked about it on Master Classes)? A bad chemical experience caused her to lose a ton of hair.  But, look at her now!!! Showed the pic to a friend of the non-ethnic persuasion at work and she said she liked it a lot and wished her hair could do that (she’s a fine-haired gal on the never-ending quest for volume ;)).

So, what do you think? Is Oprah’s natural hair crush-worthy? 

ETA: As pointed out in the comments below, Oprah is not natural. Her stylist, Andre Walker, dished on her mane last fall.

via TBO.com 

Q: Does Oprah use a relaxer? If so, how do you protect her from damage and breakage?

Andre: Yes, I do relax it. Most relaxers are either calcium or sodium based. I tend to like calcium based, or no-lye relaxers. They tend to be less damaging. Also, the new keratin Brazilian hair straighteners are great. But I want to learn more about them. I gave Oprah one once and the chemical fumes were enough to knock you out. But the hair is unbelievably beautiful. Still, I want to see and read more about it. I don’t think they are completely formaldehyde-free, because that’s the ingredient that makes them work.

*Side eye* to the comment that the Brazilian straighteners are “great,” but the fumes were enough to knock one out … but still the hair was unbelievably beautiful. Really? Stop at “knock you out.” Anywho, just wanted to clear that up. Even though she’s not natural, the woman has a gorgeously healthy and thick looking head of hair! *looking around* It’s all hers right???? *lol*


Blow-Out and Flat-Twist Bun


I really need to learn how to flat-twist man! Ugghhhh!!! I LOVE this style! I found it last year I think. Her hair appears to have been prepped with a blow-out and then flat-twisted towards the center back of her head and finished with regular twists.

Then, the length of the twists were bunned. Looking at this again is really making me contemplate going to someone to get this done … and adding hair for fullness and longevity, if need be (shoo … I don’t care)! What a pretty, feminine and easy summer style!

What say ye? Perfect style for sundresses and hot, humid summer days, don’t ya think?

(p.s. Anyone know of any really good, Flat-Twisting for Idiots YouTube tutorials? Help a sista’ out!! ;))

Rock Bottom


I have a confession to make. Full disclosure. This past Saturday, I went to Shoprite … solely with the intention of buying a 6 pack of their DELISH buttercream icing cupcakes … and I ate them all … by myself. #dontjudgeme. Ummm … yeah … THIS was after realizing last week that my “fat” clothes are screaming mercy. My previously slim and toned arms are showing serious signs of dimpling (too kind a word). My knees have all but disappeared in the tree trunks that I call legs. And let’s not even talk about my thighs and gluteus maximus … MAXIMUS being the operative word. I’ve also been extremely tired, sluggish and unfocused.

Now, I know that this is not news to most of you, but I completely fell off the wagon and failed in regard to my GOC Health & Fitness goals. I haven’t done a Health & Fitness post in ages, because neither health nor fitness have been a part of my vocabulary for the last several months.

But now it’s time to try this again. No … wait. “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” So, I cleaned house on Sunday, hit the grocery store on Tuesday and began the 6 week Cardio Max “plan” … again … this past Monday.

This is a progressive routine where you start with Bob’s 20 minute “boot-cap” workout for the first 2 weeks (Level 1), then add on Jillian’s 10 minute “explosive super-cardio drills” for weeks 3-4 (Level 2) and finally finish weeks 5-6 by adding on Kim’s 10 minute kickboxing workout (Level 3). I purchased this DVD last winter. I never made it past Bob. *smh*. But this time … this time … pray for me y’all.

I’ll also be doing a 10 minute Abs of Steel workout 5-6 mornings a week. Oh, and one last thing. I busted out my three pairs of Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti-Cellulite Shorts.

(Drugstore.com for $38.99 and Amazon.com for $39.99)

Yes, you read that right. Three pairs. I got my first pair years ago and, although I can’t say for sure if they reduce cellulite, they make my thighs, butt and stomach sweat like crazy. Amazingly though, I only feel the sweat when I take them off! Anyway, I feel like they really helped shrink this problem area of my body and less fat means less obvious cellulite. I think my legs looked the best they ever had outside of when I was competing. So, I bought two additional pair a while after I purchased the first as I wanted to wear them every workout and didn’t want to have to worry about washing the same pair every day (hand-washing required) or hoping they would air dry by the next (which they never did).

So, I have three pair of these anti-cellulite shorts. Why, then, did I buy a Groupon for two pairs of Zaggora HotPants?

Mind you, I’d never heard of Zaggora HotPants until I saw the Groupon. Well, I did it because now I will have FIVE pair of anti-cellulite pants to get through the week without having to wash them … and … there was a significant savings on the regular price ($26 for the shorts, regularly $71.72; $39 for the capris, regularly $95.63). So, I figured, why not! I hope that they are a little thinner than the Delfin, but I suspect they may not be based on the appearance. They seem to be made of the same “scuba” material as the Delfin (of course they are advertising new, thinner HotPants now:/). Anywho, I still haven’t used my Groupons, but I plan on ordering the pants/shorts this week and will report back on them at a later date.

Alright, so to wrap this up, I weigh 135 pounds now … that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. I need to lose 15 pounds to get back down to my ideal weight of 120. I won’t be posting daily on my progress, but I plan to resume posting at least once a week on my routine and/or on something Health & Fitness related.

I may fall off the horse, but I always get back on it.


When did YOU know that you hit Rock Bottom in regard to your health and fitness? What helps motivate you to exercise and/or improve your eating habits?