Who Really Healed the Broken Bat?



So, if you didn’t know, DKR is partly based on the Batman story, Knightfall. Just thought a few of you might be interested in knowing that the doctor who healed the Batman in “real life” was Dr. Shondra Kinsolving … NATURAL … and rocking a TWA. ;).

Oh yeah, and they developed a romantic relationship, he fell in love with her and was about to reveal he was Batman. Then she got kidnapped. Batman … forever alone.



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  1. I totally forgot about her! Oh wow! Why didn’t they depict HER in the movie instead of trying to entwine Talia into it? I understand they were trying to wrap up the League of Shadows but they gave Talia such a minor role until the very end. They could have done that for the Dr. character and have THEM sitting together at the cafe in another country. *sigh* I’ll be the firestarter and say what I have been saying for the longest: Hollywood is prejudice! Plan & simple. Anything depicting minorities in buffoonery is more highly accepted than placing them in decent roles. I can go on and on but I’m just gonna stop right there. Cause either way DKR probably made back its money by now so for them who cares what the ppl think


    • Dr. Kinsolving is a very minor character in the Batman lore, whereas Talia is huge … I mean, Bats has a kid with her (Damian Wayne … the newest Robin). Although, obviously they took a far less complex and … let’s call a spade a spade … stupid approach to such an important presence in Bruce’s life. Regardless, I know why Talia was selected over the good doctor here. Also, another thing that I didn’t mention above (in fact, that I didn’t know about this until I was googling to find her name b/c I wasn’t home to pull out my books;)), Dr. Kinsolving had special powers. You know Nolan wasn’t touching anything “unrealistic” in his Batman series. Anywho, the reason I didn’t know this is b/c the 3 book collection I have doesn’t actually contain all the issues/cross-overs that were part of the Knightfall story. Anywho, the story of how Bruce saves her isn’t in the books … nor is how her powers ultimately completely heal his back nor that her battle with her brother causes her to mentally revert to childhood so that she doesn’t remember Bruce. Anywho, yeah, it would have been really cool to see Shondra on the screen …. but you can bet, given Hollywood’s track record, she would not have been sporting a TWA;).


      • Lol! You right about that! They would have given her a nice long weave/wig. Made her look mixed! So she can appeal to a “wider population”


  2. I’ve was on a medical leave since May 30th and returned to work July 30th. During my great recuperation period, I rediscovered my love of comic books/superheroes with my 40 something self (lol). Now I’m purchasing the new DC52 books, the new Black Spiderman Myles Morales and now ya ‘ll are bugging me out with this Sista in the Batman lore! I gotta catch up! I’m also VERY interested in any black and female superheroes besides Storm, Black Panther and Wonder Woman. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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