Shrinkage & Return of the Pre-Poo Big Bun


This is just a random short post to share a couple of pics I posted on my Facebook page. The above pic was before I was about to pre-poo. I pulled a piece of hair and was tickled about how much longer my hair is than it looks, even with a stretched style. Shrinkage is really an amazing thing. I love it for the fullness and poppin’ curls it gives me … but not so much when I continuously encounter pain in the butt matted hair and tangles at my neck on wash day though. But, I’m getting better at dealing with that as I know that I need to SPREAD the hair first to loosen the knots and shed hairs. THEN, I can work the hair down and out without causing a knot to form and/or tighten to the point where my only option is to cut the offending snarl. I HATE when I have to do that and it was occurring more often due to wearing loose styles. So, I needed to modify my approach to finger detangling on dry and wet hair.

Anywho, after taking this impromptu pic, I pre-pooed with my new Holy Grail mix of Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose (HSR) conditioner and Vatika oil. My hair was a tangled rat’s nest and I really had to work it in and gradually work through my hair in sections until it was detangled enough to put into my normal 6 twists. I donned my heat cap, but then I didn’t have enough time to wash my hair before I had to get ready to meet my buddies for lunch!! So, big banana clip bun to the rescue!!

Didn’t need to use gel or anything!! Just brushed it lightly, secured it into a “ponytail” with the banana clip and then wrapped and pinned in a matter of minutes. Whew!! What a life saver!!

Oh, and here is the Sci-Five (4 founding members and 1 reserve ;))! We finally got to wear the tee-shirts Anthony designed and gave us for Christmas all at the same time!! We had so much fun as Anthony and I lambasted bad Dark Knight Rises (my review is here if you missed it last week.).

The Sci-Five: Anthony, me, Megan, Fabio and Fernando

And now, I need to get back to cleaning this house (still had the suitcases out from my Playa del Carmen vacation and family reunion weekend roadtrip! *smh*)!! I’m actually excited as I thought this would be an all day job, but think I’ll be done by 2 pm at the latest (would have been earlier if I hadn’t stopped to write this post! *lol*). That means, I might actually be able to wash my hair before midnight! Yeah … ‘cuz I did absolutely nothing after lunch yesterday. So, the pre-poo is still “marinating ;).”


What have you been up to this weekend?


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  1. so I literally just got friggin’ soak and wet out there! I had washed my hair yesterday and did a WnG with Beautiful Beginnings Curl Control Cream so I could look kind of hot at a party I went to yesterday. Now I need to wash it all over again because it’s a wet bird’s nest now LOL.

    i met some new naturals at the party and its very interesting how many ppl have decided to go natural here on the east coast. West coast,…not so much


  2. Hi Michelle,

    I recently spent several weeks on the West Coast. We began our trek in southern Cali and ended in San Fran and I noticed naturals everywhere (was secretly hoping I would see Nikole of The Moptop Maven). Like most things, I guess it’s all relative….


      • Hi A Simple Thing,

        I believe many remember The Moptop Maven but not necessarily favorably! So, much controversy there. At the end of the day, we may never know what really happened but what I know is that when I began my healthy hair journey, she was an A-lister. I turned to her often. I miss her and Lo!


  3. Hmm. You SPREAD your hair? Any chance we can get a little more detail on that (a video maybe)? Or do you already have a post outlining your detangling process?

    I LOVE how you cut up your shirt and wore it over a tank! LOL Gotta have style.

    Had a birthday party for my daughter yesterday. Thank GOD that’s over. 😛


    • Hi Pennie, I do have a video in which you can kind of see what I mean. It’s my old pre-poo video, when I was just using Vatika oil to pre-poo. Also, the section I did wasn’t that tangled, so you’ll only see me slightly do what I’m referencing. But, maybe this will be helpful as I do essentially the same thing with my new combo of Aubrey conditioner and Vatika oil. It’s just that when my hair is very tangled, I have to work a little harder to separate the sections by pulling the hair apart, which is what I mean by spreading. You can see me doing it little at about 3:50 on the video. Please let me know if this doesn’t clarify it!


  4. Oh cool, I thought it was just me. Before I was writing my hair to details to get the prepoo in but the “spreading” will most def help. Thank you. Oh and I hate in the butt hair too. It’s disturbing.


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