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I wanted to share this post from Socially Fit because of the great information on the lead pic. Who knew that the “Price Look Up” code on the produce sticker could be such a valuable source of information?!?

Socially Fit


Article released by CBC News 2004


The typical Canadian kitchen is likely to contain many ingredients or foods that have been genetically modified. Everything from bread to tomatoes, corn and soya oil has been produced from altered food organisms.

Some estimates peg as many as 30,000 different products on grocery store shelves as “modified.” That’s largely because many processed foods contain soy. Half of North America’s soy crop is genetically engineered.

The term “genetically modified” refers to the alteration of genetic material. Specifically, it means the genes of one organism have been “cut out” and then “pasted” into another organism. 

GM plants are often created to resist disease and eliminate the need for pesticides. Desired characteristics, such as a hardier texture, higher nutritional value or faster growth, are chosen to produce a kind of “super food.”

Consumer concerns

About 60 per cent of our processed…

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