May/June/July GOC Update: Cococrispecurl (#32)


I have been a lazy bum with my hair. I haven’t done anything new or exciting; just buns, ponytails … and… well, buns and ponytails. I straightened my hair to see if I could remember how. It turned out nice, but, two or three days in, I was bored with straight hair. I kept it for a couple weeks and leaped in the shower when it was time to wash it. LOL!

I’m checking in for July early, because I don’t see anything changing. I’m looking into braids in August.

Health & Fitness
Hmph … I don’t have much to say on this topic. I was doing well in May and early June. Took a few spinning and yoga classes and met with a trainer. Then, my work schedule turned crazy and I had food poisoning a couple times. Weight Watchers fell to the curb.

Rewards: Haven’t gained any weight. No split ends. Got a nice tan.

Happy Growing Ladies!

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