Waste Not, Want Not!


Oh yeah, I told you that this is how I get down ;)!! *lol* So, I mentioned in the post earlier today that I pre-pooed with a combo of Aubrey GPB and Honeysuckle Rose conditioners mixed with Vatika oil. And, although I have new bottles of both under the sink (‘cuz you know I always have my HGs and staples “in stock” :)), I also had open bottles of each. The thing is, neither had enough product in the container to shake out. Enter the butcher’s knife! I’ll cut open a bottle in a minute! You see how much was in there?!?! Bump that!!

But guess what? There may be a better way that’s still pretty economical!! When I posted this pic on my Hairscapades FB page with the caption, “I’m getting ALL of my conditioner” (btw, 128 ladies have liked this pic so far! LOVE it!! *LOL*), Tiffany Divalocks wrote:

I will be doing the same thing when mine is low, I was just thinking of that when I used this same conditioner today on my daughter’s hair. You know they sell these things called beauty spoons and you stick it in the bottle and scoop out the product that you can’t reach.

Beauty Spoons?? Who said what now? You know that I immediately went on the hunt! Well, I found the tool and site immediately … because they are both called, Beauty Spoon!

Ummmm, so yeah, it’s already done. I placed my order within an hour of learning about the tool. The spoons are $9.99 for a set of two (7″ and 10″) and shipping is FREE (that’s what sold me). Also, for a limited time, you can get two 1 oz. “Beauty Bowls” with every order.

So, stay tuned for the full review coming soon … *looking around for an almost empty bottle of product*.


How do you make certain that you get your money’s worth out of your products? Have you tried the Beauty Spoon?


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    • just ordered mine, the two bowls and free shipping and no tax totally sold me! Looks like if you live in chicago they are availabe in their walgreens!!!


  1. I usually just wedge the bottle upside between something so it won’t fall down and wait. Or turn it up side down and bang the crap out of it.


  2. Damn. I wish I thought up that idea (Beauty Spoon). Can you imagine how much money can be made off of a seemingly “meaningless” idea that hits a target audience? I have about 3 Jergens Shea Butter lotion and conditioner bottles at home that are just sitting around because I just KNOW I can get the rest of it out, one day.

    Thanks, Shelli for always hooking us up! 🙂



  3. Which Vatika oil do you use? The ones I found at the Indian store in my town has mineral oil in it and my hair does not like mineral oil. Does the one you use have mineral oil?


  4. Ok, who is the genius who thought of THIS?!
    Let me slow down and save my pennies. Hubby would have a fit…

    OAN, Shelli, don’t think I forgot about the GOC (I was your first At-home player). I’ve been keeping up, just not posting. The scale hasn’t been so forgiving, and life has taken over! But I’m working on it!


  5. I just store all of my bottles upside down in a box on my shelf, that way the product never settles at the bottom. Although, I wouldn’t rule out cutting a bottle if I had to!


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