The Big Chop: Norma’s HairStory


Describe yourself in 100 words or less.
I am a 36, soon to be 37, embracing each year as they come, single mother of a 16-yr old beautiful daughter. Those who know me would say I am the life of the party … Put me in a room with new people and, by time the party is over, I will have everyone’s name and phone number in my Blackberry!!!! I am really bad at starting projects and not following through. One of my main goals for 2012 is to finish at least one project, so I chose to go natural!!! Let’s see this to the end!!!

What prompted your decision to go natural?
What prompted me to go natural is that my hair would always break. Then I would cut it all off and have a short hair cut and then it would grow back nice and healthy and start to break again, right in the middle of my head … #blankstare! What am I doing wrong? So, March 2012, I decided to transition.

How long did you transition before you big chopped?
I transitioned for about 3 months and, to no avail. My hair was still breaking, but only from the relaxed ends. So, I decided, “That’s it. I am done.” I discussed my Big Chop with my significant other, because I knew it would be an issue for him if I cut my hair … it wasn’t like my hair was down my back or anything. LOL. But, he saw that it grew a lot from my “Rhianna Cut” and he was ecstatic (that’s a man’s Mojo .. .long hair). So, after discussing the pros and cons of doing the “BC” with him and his approval, off I was to the salon. My beautician Sa’Rah (, who is the best, cut off the permed ends. Woohoo I did it!!!! JUNE 14th – BIG CHOP!!!!

How did you feel immediately before and after the Big Chop?
Immediately after my BC I was like, “wow.” I mean, I have always had a short cut, but it was always styled and relaxed. What I had was a TWA. I was nervous and anxious. I knew it would grow fast without chemicals but, my first reaction was, “How are my co-workers at the firm going to view me?” I hopped out of the chair, put on some lip gloss and said, “I will own this TWA.” Out the door I went with confidence. As I got close to home, I said, “OMG, he is going to pass out” (“he” being my friend). But, he was very laid back and said, as long as there is no weave up in my head he is happy!

What is your current regimen? Go to products?
My current regimen right now is co-wash every 3 days. I use Carol’s Daughter Daily Leave-In Condition Spray, As I am Moisture Milk at night, and Miss Jessie’s Curling Pudding in the a.m. I have not chosen a new shampoo yet, narrowing it down to As I am shampoo and conditioner or Carol’s Daughter shampoo and conditioner. I also wear a satin bonnet at night and every 2 days I wear a shower cap (bagging) for extra moisture. Still learning “natural terms” and also still doing some research on the best scalp treatments.

What are your hair plans and goals?
My hair plans/goals are to have healthy hair. It does not need to be long, just healthy. Don’t want any shedding or breakage. Thursday, June 28th will complete 2 weeks since the big chop. I cannot wait to measure my progress. 2 weeks ago I had 1 1/2 inches of hair on my hair.

Do you have a hair crush? If sho who and why?
My hair crush is Traci Ellis Ross. I always loved Joan’s curls and how sometimes it was frizzy and she went with it. I hope my hair can grow that thick … hoping, praying and pre-pooing … hehehehehehehe!

Who is your favorite natural blogger, youtuber and/or fotkier and why?
Right now I am following Hairscapades and CurlyNikki. Hairscapades is my favorite right now. I love Skillz hair!!!!

Anything else you would like to add?
I really love the fact that natural hair is so in!!!! Women all around know instantly when they see you with the TWA and give you a thumbs up!!!!! It makes me hold my head up even higher!!!! Definitely can’t wait to henna … Can I do it with a TWA??????

Stay tuned for some updates!!!!
~Be Encouraged!~


ETA: Thanks for sharing your Big Chop HairStory Norma! You look great! To answer your question, of course you can use henna on a TWA :). However, if you are contemplating experimenting with other color, I’d suggest holding off on until you are certain that you don’t want to get highlights or go lighter. Cassia is an alternative ayurvedic and natural hair treatment that works similar to henna, but won’t leave any color deposit that would cause problems if you wanted to lighten your hair at a later date. Remember, though natural, henna is permanent and red and it will not wash out. It can only be grow out. HTH!  

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    • Thank you Ms. Whitney!!!! Yes Shelli is one of my Top 10 Hair Crushes…I can only “hope” my hair can reach that level!!! If not I will settle for healthy and shiny like hers!!! (Where’s my Henna!) LOL


  2. Hi,

    First I would like to thank you creating you website for us “natural people”.
    Help!!! I’m not in to using other peoples products and my hair is starting to dry out. I live in Maryland where the air is not clear and the season is changing rapidly. I am trying to make the right protein treatments as well as a creme based moisterizer for my hair as well as my sons hair. I do not use soy or Karentin products on our hair. Thanks to you, I am going to try the henna treatment. Can you help our hair.
    Forgive me if you see any misspelled words…I have one of those smart dumb phones smh.

    Thank you so much!


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