Wash ‘n Go No-No


On Sunday morning, I styled my hair in a super quick WnG for the Haircut Party. I split my hair in two and applied Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose conditioner as my leave-in and decided to apply LaBella Lots of Curls directly over it for hold. As you saw the other day, my hair was HUGE by the end of the day. The combo was no match against the humidity and my hair rapidly expanded from frizz as it absorbed the moisture in the air.

If you know me, you know that I love me some big ol’ hair! Buuuttttt, unfortunately, this hugeness was accompanied by dry feeling hair. No bueno. On Monday morning, I applied a little Wonder Curl Butter Than Love (BTL) Whipped to it and bunned it loosely. On Monday night, I released it and it was still feeling dry. So I went hard with the BTL and bunned it for the night with a scarp wrapped around the edges. On Tuesday morning, I released it and it still wasn’t feeling right. But, I put it back up anyway, this time making triple buns with a banana clip similar to the double buns I demonstrated in the tutorial here.

Anywho, I feel like doing a mid-week co-wash for reals!! I NEVER do that anymore! And, given how listless I’ve been feeling lately, I probably won’t be doing it and will just wash my hair earlier, like Thursday night or Friday morning.

On another note, did you peep my peacock earrings?!?! Don’t you just love them? Sade of 1GirlBoutique custom made them for me as a gift for being a presenter at the Share the Love Beauty Soiree last month. I told her that I had been wanting a pair of peacock feathers and she far surpassed my expectations with these beaded feather hoops!  Here’s a closer look at the clever beading on the actual peacock feather.

I’m going to be rocking these all summer!!

Welp, that’s it. Just wanted to share that layering the Lots of Curls gel over Aubrey HSR did NOT work for me in the long run. This reinforces for me that I need to mix my gel with a moisturizing butter or creme before applying. Placing my hair in a few big twists while it dried probably would have helped to keep it controlled a little longer. Regardless, I really enjoyed the big hair for a day. And, I have to admit, I was impressed by the volume in my three buns! Seriously, looking at my top bun, I think it could pass for a single bun with a full head of hair! Not bad!


What combo(s) and/or technique(s) have you found to be your Wash and Go No-Nos and why?


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  1. I love your hair. Gorgeous. I live in weather that has dewpoints over 73 degrees all year long and I recently found what makes my wash n gos amazing! Long Aid gel with the La Bella gel on top. Perfect hair for up to 9 days just pineappling at night. I get majorly soft hair and great definition. The La Bella keeps the glycerine in the Long aid from taking over my hair. Great combo!


    • Oh now, look at you!!!! Got my PJ flaring up!!! Long Aid??? I’ve heard about that a few times in the past, but never really spent any time looking into it. Now you got me all intrigued. Is that in Sally’s? No worries, I’ll probably have looked it up before you get a chance to reply;).


      • Walmart, Walgreens or Targets. I love the stuff. I apply it first and then the La Bella Gel on top of it. Once its dry my hair is so black and shiny and soft. Give it a try. It costs about $5 for a huge tub. Alone it is a gummy nightmare so I pair it up with something always. In optimal dew points I pair it up with any Eco Styler and wow I love it. By day 3 I may reapply some gel and then I’m good all week long w/o wetting with water or nothing. Hope it works for you.


  2. You got my earrings! Did you get them from MilCafeauLait on YouTube?

    So I have a confession to make. When I felt your hair on Sunday. I did notice it felt dry but I didn’t want to say anything 😦 But while it was however growing from the frizz I actually thought it looked super cute!

    Also, I don’t know if Tameeka put a leave in on my hair before the gel but I felt very dry too. I’ve been moisturizing my curls at night with my pineapple. the curls are still managing to hold though. I have been moisturizing with Bask Beauty Silk and Honey Latte Detangling Hair Milk. this stuff is luscious.


  3. Public service announcement: Whole Foods has the Aubrey Organics Honey Suckle Rose shampoo & conditioner on sale for 9.99. For those used to paying more, stock up. The other varieties are still 12.99.


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