May-June GOC Update: Akia (#42)


Hi Shelli and Fellow GOCers!! It has been a while, so I am going to do both May and June updates.

At this time, as you can see, I am still twisted up. I am trying to keep my hair in twists for a protective style. But, it does get a little boring, especially since everyone has been wearing these awesome twist-outs and up dos. I haven’t really been sticking to my hair regimen only because, lately, I have just been leaving it alone, while still  being consistent with monthly henna and hibiscus treatments. Also, it has just been way too hot here in Michigan (102 this past week) and my hair has become really thick. So, the less I mess with, it the better.

Health & Fitness
My fitness goals have been coming along okay. I am still doing Pilates and cardio, but messed around and got a summer cold, which caused me to miss a couple of sessions. I have also been eating more fast food than I like and drinking less water : (. So, overall, everything is okay with my challenge, but I know that I can do better. It  has just been kind of tough with the hot summer, work, school, yard work, mother, wife, head cold and everything else in between. So, I guess the next up date will be a re-vamp of my regimen. In the meantime, keep growing fellow GOCers!!! : )

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  1. Hey girl, did you do your twists yourself??? They look good! When you get tired of the look accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Ribbons, pins, barettes, even parting in a diff direction can change the look. I wish I could sit still long enough to get twists! Continued success Akia-you go girl!


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