Wedding Dress Inspiration?


Okay, I’m really not beat to plan a wedding. I never played bride or dreamed about the perfect day. I don’t have a book of ideas and have barely given a thought to it since Wei and I got engaged in February. I am just not a planner by nature … I’m a procrastinator through and through. *lol* All that to say, don’t expect to see many posts from me about wedding plans/ideas.

Now that I lowered those expectations ;), I’ll get to the point of this post. One of the few things that I have always cared about is having an amazingly beautiful and timeless dress on my wedding day! It’s just the mini-fashionista in me I guess ;). I want to look back on the pictures from that day and share them with my child(ren) with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eyes. So, when I saw this lovely gown, I must admit, I immediately pictured it on (a slimmer) me in white and gold. Time to hit the basement gym man!! Anywho, just felt like sharing :).

(p.s. If anyone knows who actually makes this dress, please let me know otherwise I need to find an amazing seamstress who can figure out what the front of this should look like. Chy’s Curlz, can your lady hook this one up?!?! *lol*)


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  1. This kind of looks like a vlisco or woodin print. So you could start there buy purchasing thee fabric. Vlisco has a great website to get you started ! 🙂


  2. If that’s an ankara dress, the woman will have had it handmade to her specifications. So all you would need to do is buy the material you like [and ankara comes in all sorts of colours and hues an d patterns – I have at least 5 in my wardrobe and that’s modest for a girl my age] and find a seamstress to do it for you.


  3. that dress is absolutely beautiful and looks stunning on the woman wearing it! you would look great in something like that!


  4. I think this style will be beautiful on you Shelli. For a wedding dress, I see some sort of scoop in the back, not necessarily a totally zipped up back. You will rock this style girl.


  5. Awwwww, thanks to all who said I’d look beautiful in this. I LOVE the idea of a backless gown ladies!!! That and one shoulder gowns! So, we’ll see!! And Renee, a detaching back?!?!? Girl, you are a trendsetter!!! I’ll have to keep that possibility in mind!!!


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