Question of the Day: One Word of Advice


My BC: circa June 2000

I tweeted this question a couple of days ago.

And, I received the following responses.

Shelli: I’d tell myself, “Hey!!! Pay attention!! Your sister Shana is on to something with this natural hair blogging thing. Start one NOW!!”

If you had the chance to go back in time, what single piece of natural hair advice would you give yourself?


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  1. I would also tell myself to be patient!!!! It takes time πŸ™‚ O and Yami I feel you!!! I had to do that!! fortunately I didnt end up with heat damage but I wanted to wear my hair my way 😦


  2. Woo girl. If I had to boil it down to one thing, I’d say “google natural curly hair” and that would probably take care of the rest. After I BC’d I had NO idea how to treat my hair. It didn’t look like how I wanted it to look (like Eva from ANTM! Hah my first hair crush. Well, after Rachel True.), and not how I thought it was supposed to. I had a Miss Jessie’s stage, during perhaps which my hair was at its healthiest, but still – texturizers, sulfate shampoos, no proper detangling, no scarf at night. I SHUDDER. So basically I’d tell myself to go learn! Lol


  3. I would tell myself to be patient during that awkward hair stage between TWA and shoulder length. Keep your hair hydrated/moisturized and updos are your friend during this stage!


  4. I would tell myself, “Don’t go back to the creamy crack just because you like that one relaxed style. You’re just gonna end up cutting it 2011 and pining over the length you could have had if you just held on.”


  5. For transitioners: wash, condition, and de-tangle in sections. After I learned this, I retained my relaxed length until I was ready to chop off, and this also proved vital to washing and conditioning my natural hair.


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