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Wedding Dress Inspiration?


Okay, I’m really not beat to plan a wedding. I never played bride or dreamed about the perfect day. I don’t have a book of ideas and have barely given a thought to it since Wei and I got engaged in February. I am just not a planner by nature … I’m a procrastinator through and through. *lol* All that to say, don’t expect to see many posts from me about wedding plans/ideas.

Now that I lowered those expectations ;), I’ll get to the point of this post. One of the few things that I have always cared about is having an amazingly beautiful and timeless dress on my wedding day! It’s just the mini-fashionista in me I guess ;). I want to look back on the pictures from that day and share them with my child(ren) with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eyes. So, when I saw this lovely gown, I must admit, I immediately pictured it on (a slimmer) me in white and gold. Time to hit the basement gym man!! Anywho, just felt like sharing :).

(p.s. If anyone knows who actually makes this dress, please let me know otherwise I need to find an amazing seamstress who can figure out what the front of this should look like. Chy’s Curlz, can your lady hook this one up?!?! *lol*)


Style Inspiration: Retro 70s Cornrows, Beads & Cowrie Shells


Pinterest be damned. LOL!! Okay, if you don’t know about Pinterest, it’s this website that allows you to create awesome virtual pin boards for all your favorite things. I discovered it, because people have “pinned” things from Hairscapades to their boards as you can see here where there are Pins from Hairscapades.

Anywho, Pinterest seems frickin’ AWESOME. But, I refuse to sign up and get sucked into the obsession as I already spend far too many hours online maintaining the blog, the FB page, Twitter and reading other natural hair blogs. I just can’t sign-up for one more thing that will be an excuse for me to procrastinate and spend even more hours online. I mean, for goodness sake, I already stay up to midnight every night! Pinterest will have me pulling all-nighters! So, I refuse to get sucked in! LOL!!

That being said, I do LOVE to lurk there:)! LOL!! And, I see the most amazing hair and styles! So, yesterday, when I saw this crazy, sexy, cool style of a friend on FB, I had a brain blast! I’ll make my own Pinterest “pin board” on Hairscapades and I’ll call it, “Style Inspiration” and place it under the “Style Library” tab. This will be a place where I’ll share pictures of styles that I love, but for which I don’t necessarily have tutorials.

I’m hoping that you’ll be inspired to recreate these styles yourself or that you might bring them to your hairdresser/braider to try. Ooooh, oooh, ooooh!! And then, if you do that, you can submit a picture of the style to Hairscapades!! I’ll add your picture(s) to the original corresponding “Inspiration Style” post to show how the style was interpreted and looks on you! Also, if you do or find a style that you think is so awesome and needs to be shared with the world ;), you can send it in for consideration for this feature as well!

Retro 70s Cornrows, Beads & Cowrie Shells

So, without further ado, here is the debut of Style Inspiration! Our first styles are ones inspired by Thelma of Good Times (as pictured above)!! My girl Jordan from DC posted them on FB! When I saw her pics, I didn’t realize that the first one was a recreation of an actual Thelma’s style! I just thought that they were so cool, edgy and 70s retro.

So, what do you think? Would you rock a retro 70s cornrow style?


Have you seen, done or recreated a great hairstyle that you’d like to share? Send pictures to me at hairscapades@gmail.com with the subject “Style Inspiration” to be featured in a future post!

Colored Cover – Epics Anthology


The color pages are coming now! This is my boy Anthony’s fully inked and colored cover page for Epics! The first issue is around the corner and can’t wait to get mine!! Again, so proud of my friends as I watch them work as a team to create the comics that they want to see!!


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Question of the Day: One Word of Advice


My BC: circa June 2000

I tweeted this question a couple of days ago.

And, I received the following responses.

Shelli: I’d tell myself, “Hey!!! Pay attention!! Your sister Shana is on to something with this natural hair blogging thing. Start one NOW!!”

If you had the chance to go back in time, what single piece of natural hair advice would you give yourself?