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June GOC Update: Shellie (#22)


Hope everyone is staying cool this summer. I had a wonderful time in my husband’s birthplace of Jamaica this past week.

Nothing has really changed. I co-wash every Friday and henna one weekend out of the month (these grays are like “what’s up?”). I truly love Aussie Moist conditioner and when I do henna, for extra added moisture, I sit under my heat cap with Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle for about 5 minutes. I’m not able to rock a WnG as before because my curls are really stretched out since I’m a henna head. So, I had to make a choice, gray or henna. You know who won :), so I continue to do my twist outs.

I wanted to give an update at end of June, because I needed to see my edges and if any improvement had taken place. So here goes. My before and after hairline pics …

For my edges, I’ve continued to use the Jamaica Black Castor Oil. I kind of see a difference, but I don’t want to get all excited and then it looks the same. So, I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. I usuall keep the front of my hair in a twist so that I don’t have to look at my edges too often.

With the heat as it is (unbearable), I’m twisting my hair with Ouidad Curl Quencher and Alma and Olive Heavy Cream. For 3 days, I don’t have to add any moisture to my hair, which I do love. I’m trying to keep things simple, because I’ve noticed that, when I try to do too much, baby girl (my hair) is not very happy.

Health & Fitness
I wasn’t able to exercise as often as before since I was in a car accident where someone hit me in the back; but I’m doing better now. So much so, I was able to run the Peachtree Road Race 10K (English, 6 miles) on July 4th. Even though I was in the last wave (Y), I was able to finish at a good time, being my first time and first 10k (what was I thinking?). I’m very proud of myself. Come October, I’ll be running a 5K (English, 3 miles). If training for marathons will keep me exercising, then I’m all in.

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New Feature: I Found It Cheaper!


7/26/12 UPDATE: “I Found It Cheaper” has arrived! Click the hyperlink to visit the page and/or find it under the Home tab!

About a month ago, I received an e-mail from reader Polly:

Good morning, Shelli–

So, I was thinking…

At my job, when we purchase products online, we have a feature called “I found it cheaper.” When we shop online for office products & such and we find it cheaper with vendors other than the usual one our Purchasing Department uses, it helps them to renegotiate prices and contracts, etc. It got me thinking…

A lot of times, we will suggest products to other curlies/naturals and sometimes we will tell folks where we get our stuff…and for how much. But sometimes, the products can be found cheaper. For example, after reading so much about the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner, I got online and looked for it. I believe some people said they got it at the VitaminShoppe.com. I found it at vitacost.com for less than the Vitamin Shoppe price.

So that gave me the “I Found it Cheaper” idea for Hairscapades. Maybe your readers would not only appreciate advice on what products to purchase, but we may be able to help one another save some money if we can get it cheaper. Maybe it could be a spot where we can share online discounts or coupons, too.

What do you think?

Well, I think that sounds like a pretty dang awesome idea Polly!! I’m all about making my dollar go as far as it can! Shoot, I cut open lotion bottles to get the last bit of product out of them! Waste not, want not is my motto! For reals!

Anywho, wanted to know what you all thought of the idea? If you think that it’s a good one, this is the plan.

  1. Comment on this post with products, hair tools, accessories, etc., that you would like to find cheaper. Tell us where you buy it/them now and for how much (you can approximate if you don’t know the exact price). If you haven’t bought it yet, but have been eyeing it somewhere, tell us where and the price.  If you buy/find the product online, give us an idea of the S&H charges and advise if there are any shipping promotions/discounts (e.g. free shipping for orders over a certain amount, $1 shipping all the time, etc.).
  2. Once we have 5-10 items, I will start a stationary “I Found It Cheaper” page under the “Home” tab.
  3. Once the “I Found It Cheaper” page debuts, future suggestions and prices must be indicated in the comments on that page to be added.
  4. If you find a posted product at a better price, let us know in the comments on the page, and I’ll update it with the information.
  5. The page will be updated regularly as we find products at better prices or want to add new products to find the best deals.

So, what do you all think? I want to hear from you! Should we give it a whirl?