Be Weird. Be Random. Be Who You Are.


I love this. I believe in being oneself … no holds barred … unapologetically. The whole idea of putting on a facade so others will like you or find you “acceptable” or “normal” is bizarre to me. I mean, they are going to know who you are eventually, right? So you better get them to like you for who that is … the authentic you … from the get-go. I mean, why would I even want someone as a friend or partner who didn’t appreciate my uniqueness, my quirks, my idiosyncrasies? Someone who would judge me harshly for those things or find me lacking in some way because of them? That would mean that they don’t value the true me and would either be disappointed, disgusted or dismayed when they discovered her … that, or I would have to live a lie the rest of my life.

That’s why I’ve never had the slightest compunction about revealing my love and excitement for all things cartoons and comics (see here, here, here and/or here) … and it’s why I proudly claim that I’m a nerd … it’s why I don’t hesitate or feel the slightest embarrassment about sharing childhood pics of me looking a mess (check out this post if you missed my Wave Nouveau tragedy ;)) … or feel any compulsion to expend lots of effort to always be/look perfect (for evidence of that, see here). And, it’s probably why I didn’t think twice about chopping off all of my hair 12 years ago to wear my hair in its natural state, regardless of what anyone else might say or think. ‘Cuz, you know, other than wanting to lose a few pounds every now and again, I’ve always been pretty comfortable in my own skin.

This is me. It’s always been me. Love me or leave me alone.

Embrace your weirdness. Revel in your random. Go out there and be EXACTLY who you are. Because not one person, but many, will love you for exactly who that is.

That is all.


Who is the weird and random you?

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  1. This made me think of a quote
    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment” By Ralph Waldo Emerson. life is too short have to hide the crazy, weirdness that one is.


  2. Part of the reason I love this blog is that when it comes to my frustration regarding certain TV shows (-____-) I can come here and talk about it! And you post random funnies from shows I love too [e.g Phineas and Ferb, a most wonderous creation]. I think another good quotation is the best thing about telling the truth is that you don’t have to remember anything. Putting up a façade seems like far too much effort and I’m not that bothered ^_^


  3. I love this quote. Yes your true colors come out to shine whether you like it or not. So what if my coworkers think I’m weird. I have a habit of being quite honest with people, of course refraining from the most hurtful. I usually don’t sugar coat what I have to say. Ok so a little off topic, lol.


  4. and because you are who you are, I love you…you are loved and appreciated…well said …yes, you are real and dare to be yourself…love ya


  5. YAASSSSssss! Lol! I cannot be anything but myself and although I am a work in progress I am actually working towards bettering the me I always have been and not changing! Thanks for the affirmation and confirmation!


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