May-June GOC Update: Michelle (#13) & Chloe (#13.5)


Ok, so May and the beginning of June have been super busy for me and the fam! My oldest son graduated from UMD (go Terps!) in May and my middle son graduated from high school, my niece had a beautiful baby girl a month early, I wrapped my Spring semester of classes with a 3.5 GPA and Chloe wrapped up her first year as a Brownie with the Girl Scouts at an event with over 200K Girl Scouts on the Mall in Washington, DC … whew, I’m tired!

Hair Onto hair deets. With the super warm weather season peaking earlier in the DMV area, I’ve been rocking my WnGs more and more. I tried two different products for this season’s debut of my WnGs, Hair Rules Curly Whip (Target-$17.99) and Let’s Jam Curling Custard (Walgreens $3.89) that Mahoghany Curls did a few vids on. I liked both, but the Let’s Jam CC was really the best on my hair and the price, YOU CAN’T BEAT the price. Plus, I got 2-3 day hair out of it and then I banana clipped it up for the rest of the work week!

I applied both in the shower on soaking wet hair, squeezed out the excess water with a white tee and air dried. I’ve been pineappling at night and it does help to stretch my WnG.

I also did a few rollersets after watching one of my faves, ShamIAmGlam’s posts (Don’t Call it a Comeback) inspired me to try the style she was wearing for my son’s graduation. I hope I did it some justice Sham!!!

Chloe’s hair for May and June has been a hodge podge of braids, WnG for her middle brother’s graduation, a twist-out for her oldest brother’s graduation (he had two!!!) and just recently rope-twists with rubber bands.

I have not been pre-pooing Chloe like I normally do … her schedule has been cray! I have not done a henna treatment since March!!! But we’re back to our regularly scheduled program, I just re-upped on my henna stash and got in on Henna Sooq’s Friday deals (this one was $5 off any price order) and then I won a $10 credit for a future order!!! Khadija (Henna Sooq partner) is really sweet and responsive; she has a blog that is very informative (maybe we can get her for the next DMV meet-up *hint-hint*). And, Chloe and I are getting a haircut for MY birthday in July! More deets in my July update – can’t wait to debut those pics!! Health & Fitness Ummmmmmm, health and fitness … I’m still breathing and eating … lol! But, I just joined Black Girls Run in my area and I went and was fitted for some running shoes that will offer me some support (low to no arch – I love my flip flops – #dontjudgeme and #lovemyhavianas) and will help with my shin splints. So, keep hope alive that I’ll report increased physical activity for moi! Oh, and Chloe may be resuming her All-Star Cheering again (we missed try-outs in May, I did say we were busy as ISH, right?!). ChloChlo is a bean pole with hair, but we all need to get up and move, right? Until next month, continued success to everyone!

Chloe with her Michael Jackson hat,
for the Anniversary of his death.

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  1. Great job on keeping up with yours and your daughter’s hair! Definitely great job on joining Black Girls Run! I’m a fellow BGR in NYC! Definitely keep up with them as you will feel inspired and motivated to stay healthy and fit! All the best!


    • Thanks Alwina! I’m looking forward to running with them and working towards running a distance race! I’m not a natural runner so I need the motivation (=


  2. That roller set was the business! Great job! Congrats to your sons. Little Miss Chloe’s hair is looking awesome as always.


    • Thanks Tracy! That was my first attempt at doing my own roller set, I think my hair knew it was for a special occasion so it had better act right…lol. I’ve had a FAILED rollerset since then and can’t figure out what I’m doing different?!?!


      • Im as ready as I can be LOL Im refusing to stress so I am coasting at this point. Everything is pretty much done aside from a few details here and there. I posted a picture on my blog with my wedding hair do (that I did myself because I trust NO stylist right now ha ha ha)


        • I know I saw it! It is beautiful…and you are having two hair do’s for your big day…you go girl! Can’t wait to see the pics of the big day!!! Ok, and the foodie in me loves your recipes..keep ’em coming…you know I’m a michelle too, so I almost died when I saw the


          • HAAAAAA That is hilarious! It was secretly for you too ;o) The only reason Im doing two styles is because its gonna be hotttttt and I dont want to sweat out my do for the reception


    • awww thanks GiGi, I really appreciate the compliment! Let me know how you like the Let’s Jam Custard, don’t forgt to watch Jess’ (mahogany curls) videos on applying it, it helped me alot.


    • Hi Sham!!! Where you been! I was beginning to get worried!!!! So glad you saw this post and your instructions were very easy to follow! Pray all is well and can’t wait for you to start blogging/vlogging again!


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