Thunder Storm My Foot!!


What the news is claiming was just a “thunder storm” hit south Jersey on Friday night. This is what that “little storm” did to the massive black oak in my parents’ front yard. Take a look at the bottom of the photo. Yes. That’s a car. My mom’s car … What you don’t see is my dad’s truck that was right on the left of it.

(You know that I’m NOT happy Wei’s up on it, right? His justification? My sister did it too. And if my sister jumped off a bridge … ? But, let’s not get this twisted, I’m sure he started it.)

My 5’3″ mom standing in front of HALF of the exposed roots. Insane. You should see the size of the hole on the other side.

Anywho, thankfully everyone is okay. God is good!


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  1. We thank Him for his goodness and we thank Him for sparing the lives of your dear loved ones! Brighter note…time for a new car!


  2. This weather has been crazy for the past few weeks. In mid May we had several storms in the NYC region. During one midday storm, the tree in front of my house crash landed in the exact spot I had previously parked my car. If I hadn’t driven to work that day, my car would have been demolished. It is surreal to see your property damaged by nature. I am so grateful that’s all that happened and no one was hurt. I feel for those poor people in Colorado and here in the Northeast. God is good and thankfully your parents are okay. I hope they are able to recoup their losses..storm damage is no joke!


    • Hopefully the insurance will cover the tree Michelle! Some HO policies will deny damage caused by a felled tree on one’s own property! Right now though, that’s on the backburner as it’s hot as heck and the electricity is out throughout the town :(.


  3. My prayers are with you and your fam. ALL my South Jersey folks are still without power…3 days in the heat so far. Worried for my grandmother, but I know God is protecting them all.


    • I know that it came back on, then went out again. My mom had electricity Friday into Saturday, then lost it and still didn’t have any as of yesterday. God continue to protect your grandmother and family as this heat is no joke.


  4. Thank God all are safe! My prayers also are with you and your family, as well as all the others that were affected by these storms. My sister lives in Colorado Springs, Co and they were preparing for evacuation, could even smell the smoke; however it was contained before they were to leave. @faithfavorandcurls…My prayers are with your family in South Jersey and Grandmother also.


  5. Wow.That is Crazy!! So glad everyone is ok.That storm jacked us up in the dmv too. A lot of my friends are STILL w/o power and one friends tree fell through her upstairs window. Im praying for them in this heat.Cray!


    • Oh my goodness!! Through her window?? I hope that she was far away and safe??? God bless and protect your family and friends as well!! Goodness, it’s been crazy everywhere:(.

      Thank you all for the prayers and well-wishes for my family. I truly appreciate them!


  6. We are thankful that the family is fine…tragic moments have a way of us understanding the values that we hold….life is so precious, and we still have family with us…God is good!

    Wei, abound the tree to survey a resolution :-)…or has be become the “Man-Child” in the midst of his journey….knowing that he was unlikely able to handle a chain-saw, I am sure that he knew how to reach and hold the family’s hopes higher than any challenge of nature’s storm…surely he found a way to SHINE and found some SHINE for those near him….take care of him for us Shelli…love,Dad


  7. Thank God your family is alright! That was hardly a thunderstorm! I truly believe it was a hurricane or something like that because 3 fully matured trees were ripped up by my house as well and countless others in the county caused way too many poweroutages for it to have been so simple. I actually watched it from my French doors and it was astounding! The wind was FLATTENING EVERYTHING and the rain was POUNDING… Anyway, I hope you have been able to get the tree our of your mom’s yard.


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