May-June GOC Update: Marcia (#17)


Sorry, May got away from me and now June is quickly coming to a close … I hope you don’t mind, but I will combine May and June!

In May it seemed that the shedding problem that I was experiencing in April had ceased. I guess it was the change in seasons.  In May, I was SUPER busy and my hair really took a back seat as far as styling and maintenance. My washes went from weekly to twice that month. I handled it better than the previous month. Detangling is becoming more of a chore now and more essential. I experimented and I am trying to perfect my wash & goes. Last spring/summer, a wash & go was my main hair style as this was the first year during my transition and I did the “curly/wavy look.” This year, I’m trying to perfect my wash & go look and trying to figure out what products will work best (suggestions???). With that … the wash & go causes major tangles in my hair, aside from that, I love the option.

So, here is what my hair styles were for the week.  Sundays and Mondays: Wash & Go; Tuesdays and Wednesdays: A high pony tail: Thursdays-Saturdays: A twist out. This worked out well.

In the last week or so of June, I’ve tried a High Bun (I watched the video from A Curls BF love it!).

My latest challenge is conquering my dry itchy scalp, not sure why, but I will be working on that the rest of June and July.  I’m also trying to figure out my twist outs…I finally came to terms that the stringy ends of my hair were the last of my relaxer sooooo, I cut them…well, trimmed is more like it, and I didn’t get them all, but I’m satisfied for now.

 Health & Fitness
As far as exercise … next month will be better….

Thanks again for this forum to interact, learn and share.

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  1. Hey marcia, I did a combo update as well…lol! You could try camo-ing your ‘stringy ends’ for your twist out by doing a twist and curl. If your first pic is your twist out it is gorgeous and hanging-love it! Continued success Marcia!!


  2. Hey curlychellz, thanks for the compliment….your hair is fabulous too!!! Thanks for the tip on rolling the ends….I was doing that and got lazy….but it really does look better when I roll them instead of the stringy-ends…I’m thinking about getting some layers cut, so that might help.


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