May GOC Update: Faye (At-Home Player)


by Faye of The NY Poet Girl

Okay – I made it to the end of the month without following much of a routine at all, unless you count changing my hairstyle every two-to-three days a routine!

I hadn’t seen my hair in months due to the sew-in weave I had in my hair from December to early April. So, by the time I took it out, I was itching to do something with my hair and use all of the techniques, styles, etc. that I picked up on Hairscapades and other blogs, YouTube Vloggers and Pinterest!

So here is what I did do:

I washed three times in May. I signed on at the end of April … Janey come lately. Then, I graduated, my son graduated, it’s the end of the school year and I am a teacher. It’s been HECTIC to say the least!
Over that month I have had several hairstyles. I attempted to master the braid out and curl, so I didn’t really protect my ends the way I wanted to. But, I did use the braid around from my Pinterest Hair Styles page which I found to be flattering, easy and professional.

My Pinterest page, my hair journeyhas most of the styles that I used over the past several weeks and here are a few of my favorites:

The Now-Infamous Braid Around!

Braid and Curl

Scarf Up-Do

Flat-ironed for my GRADUATION! POW! 

April 22, 2012

June 12, 2012

Not sure I did the best photo job here, but I did notice that my hair is much thicker. I also didn’t do such a great job of blowing my hair straight this time, which may be why it looks like that as well.

My hair grew an inch in six weeks, which is great! I did notice that my relaxed ends are light, but I am going to hold on to them for a little while longer and get them clipped (not chopped!) in July.

Health & Fitness
Okay, so I didn’t live up to my goal of losing at least two-four pounds over this time … I actually went down 2, then gained them BACK! I am now 153 pounds AGAIN! LOLOLOL!

I blame it on the celebration mode I have been in – and the cake and ice cream that came along with it!

I also was put on a restricted workout regimen by my doctor due to a shoulder injury. I was told to stop completely for two weeks and then to resume slowly, which is totally ruining my plans. But hey – I would like to be able to use my arm as an old lady, so I am going to listen to my doctor! lol!

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