It’s My (Belated) Anniversary!!


So, Michelle (aka CurlyChellz) had to point out to me that Hairscapades’ one year anniversary came and went without me making any mention of it! It’s been so crazy, it just slipped right by me! So, this is a little overdue, but just wanted to say that Hairscapades celebrated its first birthday on June 10, 2012!  And on June 10, 2011, slightly more than a year ago, Hairscapades very first post was born!

I can’t believe that it’s been a year already!! I want to thank every single one of you who follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter and/or on YouTube!! Thanks to those of you who have been supporting me from the very beginning up to those who are just discovering Hairscapades today! Thank you for the kind words, guest posts, advice and silent support (Lurkers, you rock too ;)). Now I KNOW that this “thing” is definitely on!!!! Hope that you all will stick around for the next year … or two … or ten ;)!!! 

And with that, this was my very first post a little over a year ago!! (Pretty short for my verbose a@#$ self, isn’t it?!?! This intro is longer than the post itself!! LOL!!)

♥♥♥ Hugs!! ♥♥♥


Ummmm … is this thing on?

I never thought I’d create a blog as I’ve never been much for the internet and computers. But on a fateful day in February 2010, President’s Day to be exact, I visited at the suggestion of a friend. I was immediately sucked into the online natural “hairiverse” and haven’t looked back since. In March 2011, I started blogging on for the Curly Nikki presents Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge (GOC). After three months of pretty consistent posts and the encouragement of fellow GOC bloggers and my SO, I’m trying to venture outside of my safe comfort zone and give this thing a shot.  I’ll probably start this blog with some re-posts from my GOC blog. We’ll see what happens from there. If you’re here, reading and enjoying, please comment so I know that I’m not talking to myself in some narcissistic delusion!  *LOL*

Hope you join me on my Hairscapades!!


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  1. Congrats! Thanks for taking us with you on this HAIRSCAPADE. I’ve only been on board a few months, but I really enjoy the blog.


  2. Major congratulations, and hair’s to many more – pun and homophone intended. I very much appreciate the mature tone of your blog as well.


  3. Thank you everybody!!!! You all rock!! Thank quite a few of you for always commenting and giving feedback to our GOCers!!! I really do appreciate each and every one of you!!


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