May GOC Update: TerrificLady (#6)


The hair challenge is going pretty good.

On May 17th, I intoduced my hair to henna. I will use henna again. It took 1 month for my package to arrive from the US to my country :(!

I also bought a new product and I like it. It’s Styling Control Jel from Elasta Care. My hair does feel like silk.

This is a real “joke.” I bought another wig while away in Curacao for my sister’s wedding. I put the wig on after my daughter made up my face for the wedding. Took a look in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw and my daughter’s comment was that I look like a h…..! 😦 I immediately took it off, grabbed a piece of gold color fabric that holds a curtain and I wrapped my hair to made a puff updo (right name?)! I have been wearing this “updo” since May 26th, but I think I had enough of it for now.

I did a length check on  June 5th.

Don’t have much else to say, other that my hair is definitely growing at the right pace.



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  1. I was laughing, with you, about the wig!!!! It is such a good feeling when your hair is growing just right.. Love that feeling…


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