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May GOC Update: TerrificLady (#6)


The hair challenge is going pretty good.

On May 17th, I intoduced my hair to henna. I will use henna again. It took 1 month for my package to arrive from the US to my country :(!

I also bought a new product and I like it. It’s Styling Control Jel from Elasta Care. My hair does feel like silk.

This is a real “joke.” I bought another wig while away in Curacao for my sister’s wedding. I put the wig on after my daughter made up my face for the wedding. Took a look in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw and my daughter’s comment was that I look like a h…..! 😦 I immediately took it off, grabbed a piece of gold color fabric that holds a curtain and I wrapped my hair to made a puff updo (right name?)! I have been wearing this “updo” since May 26th, but I think I had enough of it for now.

I did a length check on  June 5th.

Don’t have much else to say, other that my hair is definitely growing at the right pace.



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Style Savior: A Dry Braid Out


So, by Tuesday night, my wash and go looked like a wash and stop. LOL! No, seriously, the definition was all but gone and I had turned into a wild-looking frizz beast! I got home and thought, “Man, look at this! I look like a hassled mess!” And, given that I had been feeling like I was running around the office like a chicken with its head cut off all day, I looked like I felt!!

Anywho, I knew that I had to do something and washing my hair was not an option. I didn’t want to bun as I was afraid that my hair would be a nightmare of tangles by the time I got around to washing it, if I did that. So, I decided to try to salvage my old, frizzy WnG with a dry braid-out. I broke out the Aubrey Honeysuckle Rose (HSR) Conditioner and my newest acquisition, Wonder Curl Butter than Love Whipped (WC BTLW). As you know, I love the WC BTL Pudding, but had never tried the Whipped, which is a thicker and more moisturizing version of the Pudding.

Once I figured out which products I was going to use, I did the following:

  • Diluted a small amount of  Aubrey HSR with water in a spray bottle.
  • Separated one side of my hair from the back, lightly spritzed it with the diluted Aubrey HSR and gently finger detangled the section.  Surprisingly to me, the detangling was relatively easy!
  • Applied a finger full of WC BTLW and tightly braided section to about 2-3 inches from the end. Twirled the end around my finger to form the natural curl. Applied a little more WC BTLW to ends.
  • Repeated process 5 times to make a total of 6 braids (1 on each side of my face and 4 in back).

  • I smoothed a little more WC BTLW on my crown, then tied a wide scarf around my edges, leaving the braids to hang free for bedtime.
  • In the morning, I spread a pea-sized amount of Amazing Botanicals JBCO in my palms and then smoothed my hands down my braids and released them.
  • I fluffed my turning my head upside down and massaging the roots.
  • Finally, I placed some Eco Styler Olive Oil gel on my edges and tied my hair down with a narrower satin scarf (it’s one of the wide ones cut in half) until I got halfway to work. (Smooth edges make my style look a lot neater ;).)
And this was the finished look at the end of the work day.
This is actually my first stretched style since I got the haircut!! Again, I can really see the difference that this cut has made in the appearance and curl of my ends!!! Makes me so happy :)! Anywho, I definitely think that this braid out will take me through Friday. I think I’m done with WnG for a little while … they are more tangle prone. But, as of now, I haven’t figured out what I’m doing with it this weekend. Whatever it is, it’ll probably start with braids or twists and will be up most of next week!
What are your weekend hair plans?

It’s My (Belated) Anniversary!!


So, Michelle (aka CurlyChellz) had to point out to me that Hairscapades’ one year anniversary came and went without me making any mention of it! It’s been so crazy, it just slipped right by me! So, this is a little overdue, but just wanted to say that Hairscapades celebrated its first birthday on June 10, 2012!  And on June 10, 2011, slightly more than a year ago, Hairscapades very first post was born!

I can’t believe that it’s been a year already!! I want to thank every single one of you who follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter and/or on YouTube!! Thanks to those of you who have been supporting me from the very beginning up to those who are just discovering Hairscapades today! Thank you for the kind words, guest posts, advice and silent support (Lurkers, you rock too ;)). Now I KNOW that this “thing” is definitely on!!!! Hope that you all will stick around for the next year … or two … or ten ;)!!! 

And with that, this was my very first post a little over a year ago!! (Pretty short for my verbose a@#$ self, isn’t it?!?! This intro is longer than the post itself!! LOL!!)

♥♥♥ Hugs!! ♥♥♥


Ummmm … is this thing on?

I never thought I’d create a blog as I’ve never been much for the internet and computers. But on a fateful day in February 2010, President’s Day to be exact, I visited CurlyNikki.com at the suggestion of a friend. I was immediately sucked into the online natural “hairiverse” and haven’t looked back since. In March 2011, I started blogging on NaturallyCurly.com for the Curly Nikki presents Kim Coles’ Grow Out Challenge (GOC). After three months of pretty consistent posts and the encouragement of fellow GOC bloggers and my SO, I’m trying to venture outside of my safe comfort zone and give this thing a shot.  I’ll probably start this blog with some re-posts from my GOC blog. We’ll see what happens from there. If you’re here, reading and enjoying, please comment so I know that I’m not talking to myself in some narcissistic delusion!  *LOL*

Hope you join me on my Hairscapades!!