A WnG Trick for Multi-Textured Curls


As many of you know, the section of hair on my right side naturally has a lot looser texture than my left side and crown, especially the area next to my part. This can make for interesting WnGs as this section is barely wavy and tends to fall flat, especially after the style is a couple of days old.

So, this is a quick and easy fix for my multiple textures. It’s so simple that some may wonder why I’m even sharing it. But, I figured, you never know, it may help someone who didn’t think of it yet!

Once my WnG is fully dry, if my right side is looking as it does above and I’m not pulling my front back, I set it for about 15 minutes or overnight with a few small perm rods! I either lightly dampen my hair with water or product before setting it on the rollers or I spritz it with water after rolling (the latter is when I only want to set it for a few minutes).

10-15 minutes later

Then, I simply separate any thicker curls into smaller sections and twirl them around with my finger to reform. The curls are loopier and larger than the texture on the left side of my hair, but blend well enough, as you can see in this “after” picture that I posted yesterday!


Are you a multi-textured, WnG curly? What do you do, if anything, to blend and/or balance your multiple textures?


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  1. Actually Shelli, as simple as that might be, hec I never thought about it, because the front of my hair is similar and other sections as well, that is a cool little maintainance trick I should have tried last night! lol.. i will know for next time, Im due for a wash! your hair is looking so freakin fabulous…


  2. Yes I so did that with the WnG I tried to do .(Remember i said was too wild for work). I left the rollers in and it was so tight to my head when it dried the curls didnt look uniform .


    • LOL!! Tiffany, you might have to make your WnG into a TnC and only set the ends. Actually, you don’t need my advice! You did that fab, dry twist out that you shared not too long ago;)!


  3. I do something sort of similar to this when I have some hair that won’t cooperate. Because my curls/coils are much tighter, using rods or curlers would result in curls that are too big. To remedy that, I cut a straw in half or thirds and wrap my hair around it, then bobby pin. I guess it’s a straw set of sorts except I don’t do my whole head and tend to focus more on the ends of my hair.


    • Tracy, I’ve heard of some ladies doing that too!! I just don’t have any straws!! LOL!! But, that’s a great option too!! I need to get some straws from work, they’re a lot cheaper than smaller rods from Sally’s;)!


  4. The hair in my bang area grows out of my head coarse and straight (I think the follicles are permanently damaged from relaxers and flat irons) so I flat twist that section and once dry I separate once.


    • Tayec, I still can’t flat twist! This post was reblogged on CurlyNikki and someone said that she flat twists an inch or two down the hair, then secures with a bobby pin and does a regular twist for the rest of the length! I thought that was a GREAT idea too!! Really gotta figure out this flat twist thing … mind you, I’ve been saying the same thing for a year now!!


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