My #NaturalMoment Monday


It was a total #NaturalMoment Monday for me, which began with finding Curls Crème Brule under my sink when I went to put my JBCO away.

Hmmmmm, maybe that should really be a #PJMoment! 

Then, I got to work and went to quickly look for a pic saved in my iPhone camera and ….

I don’t know why I used that serious pic instead of the one up top, which was me cracking up after I realized what I was doing!! LMBO!! But, you know what’s even funnier? There are several mirror apps on iPhone! So, guess that I’m not alone!!


What was one of your most recent or funniest #NaturalMoment(s) or #PJMoment(s) ;)?


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  1. I always use my phone as a mirror which is torturous! Never thought to look for an AP … #ilearnsomething lol thanks Shelli! No Girll u aren’t the only one and the hair looking fab !!! #deathbyhairlust


  2. Me three! I always use my camera as a mirror. I have tried a couple of apps, but I didn’t like them, so I went back to what worked. And yes, the hair is looking fab!


  3. LOL!!! Okay, glad to know that I’m not the only one!!! Actually, I figured that I wasn’t when I saw that there were several “mirror” apps!! LOL!!

    Thanks Emily (Petra, is that you?) and Tracy!!


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