The BEST Bobby Pins


This is just a quick post to tell you about the best bobby pins I’ve found. The MetaGrip Premium bobby and roller pins.


  • Patented, Japanese technology goes into making the best pin for the professional hair stylist
  • Enhanced long-lasting spring
  • Firm secure grip
  • Rust resistant
  • Durable tips

You can see and feel the difference between this bobby pin and the standard $0.99 Goody bobby pin that I’ve used for years.

MetaGrip (back); Goody (front).

I’ve been using the roller pins for a couple of years, but just picked up the bobby pins after seeing Naptural85 post about them on Facebook. She said that the tips never peel, so no snagged hair! And, she has them for a good year before she needs to get more. I’ve had them for a few months now and they are still perfect, no peels, chips and they haven’t stretched out of shape. Now, the MetaGrip cost a little more at $6.99 for 300 (bobby pins) or 70 (roller pins). But, they are totally worth it in my opinion!
And, with summer officially making its debut this week, I’ll be using these often to get this hot hair off of my face and neck!!

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  1. I LOVE these bobby pins. I first tried them at my sisters house and “took” a couple when I left, so she gave me a pack for Christmas which made my day lol. Best bobby pins ever!!


  2. Thanks for sharing…I hate when pins chip. Worst is when I use my teeth to seperate and part of the black paint is in my teeth…how embarrassing.


    • Michelle, someone told me about the double dipped last year. However, I haven’t found them anywhere in stores and only found one place online that had them … and then shipping would have to be paid. So, these Sally’s ones are more readily accessible and cheaper for me for that reason. I take it you could find the double dipped on the ground? Where did you find them? Have you ever been to that beauty supply store, Ricky’s (I think that’s the name?). Just curious what it’s like.


  3. I just bought the roller pins yesterday for $4.99 (I think they are on sale this month). I am going to go back for the bobby pins


  4. How cool is this post! I was in the bathroom trying to pin up the front of my hair and decided to use a clip because the bobby pin I have don’t give me the tight grip I need. I’m going to purchase these. When I wear my hair curly I tend to pin the front of my hair back. Thanks!!


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