by Lia of Embracing Natural Hair

Transitioning from relaxed to natural is a big decision you have to make if you are considering going natural. First, you want to ask yourself the reasons for going natural. Is it for a change, is it because you are tired of the upkeep of relaxers, experience breakage or damage to your scalp, want to set an example for your daughter, or simply want to embrace your natural hair? Whatever your reason, you must remember it during your transition, especially if it gets challenging along the way. Your initial reason for going natural may be your number one motivation to stick to your transition, no matter what. Transitioning actually starts with a mindset. Once you make the decision to go natural, you have to be mentally prepared for what is to come.

There may be people around you that may not understand your reason for going natural. They may think natural hair looks “nappy” or “unkempt.” However, just know that whatever your texture whether 2c, or 4c, all hair is beautiful! For many years, unfortunately, our society has portrayed natural hair as unattractive and many black women see natural hair as a bad thing. Many black women feel they “have” to have a relaxer or straight hair to look presentable. This is not the case, and once you view natural hair as beautiful and unique, you’ll be more accepting of it.

You must be willing to embrace your natural hair and put aside what anyone else thinks! Don’t get discouraged if others aren’t supportive or if your natural texture isn’t what you hoped for. Learn to work with what you have and enjoy the ride.

When I truly made the decision to go natural, I knew I would have a long road ahead of me, but I was prepared. I did a lot of protective styling for length retention and also to avoid having to fight with the two textures. In the beginning, it was pretty easy, but as months went by, the detangling sessions got more difficult as I battled with the two textures. I wanted to do a 2 or 3 year transition, but at 18 months post relaxer I knew it was time to do the BC!

If you’re on the fence about transitioning, here are some great reasons to go natural:

  • No costly upkeep of a relaxer.
  • No more scalp burns.
  • Thick, full healthy hair (with the right regimen).
  • Beautiful God-given coils/kinks/curls.
  • Versatility in styling natural hair!
  • Easy to style and looks better as the days go by.
  • Can still achieve the look of a sleek relaxer without the permanent commitment of a relaxer.
  • The ease of Wash N Go’s…especially in the summer.
  • Don’t have to avoid your hair getting wet…Natural hair loves water!!
  • Don’t have to worry about “sweating out your perm” when working out.

Just think of transitioning as a journey or race you must take to get you that finish line … you may get tired, you may want to quit, but stick it through and you WILL accomplish your goal!

You can do it!!

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  1. I agree, to transition well, you must have a mind to do it! I tried transitioning years ago (before I knew the term) but eventually tex-laxed again, because it was too hard straightening the new growth on my own. The first time, I had no plan to wear my hair in it’s natural state and that made the difference. This time, as I enter the 7 month of my transition, I am totally enjoying the curly texture coming in and I don’t try to straighten it. Guess what? I don’t miss wearing it straight either! That is definitely new for me! It will be many months before I BC, but I’m learning and practicing how to care for my hair NOW and truly look forward to the day when I am fully, 100% natural. Thanks for your post!


    • Thanks nicolejd and you’re more than welcome! That’s great you are really learning how to care for your hair throughout your transition and are embracing your hair in its natural state. When we are used to relaxers and wearing straight hair for so long, we may naturally think to blend the new growth in with our relaxed hair, if we don’t research other styling methods. It’s great that there are so many heat-free styles out there to blend the two textures. Some of the styles I wore during my transition were braid outs, bantu knot outs, rollersets, and twist outs. I wish you the best on your transition!


  2. I think its most important to learn how to care for natural hair before taking the transition. For years I was transitioning before chopping off my relaxed hair and even when I did it I had no clue what to do other than flat iron.

    Now I know better. Great article


    • Thanks Michelle! I agree, educating yourself on natural hair care and doing research to know how to care for your hair in its natural state is so important. Without this knowledge, women will be going into this natural hair journey blind, and it could lead to frustration and eventually relaxing their hair again.


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