Heat Wave


by Weusi

I’ll keep this short …

On the East Coast of North America, there is a heat wave right now.

I know that a lot of people think that dudes think that the more flesh that we see, the sexier. That’s not true. Here’s the truth.

Sexiness is a rooted in confidence. If it’s hot outside and you want to be sexy, these are my suggestions:

Collarbone and shoulder blade exposure are SEXY!

Shoulder, leg and ankle are second tier sexy areas only because they are kind of regular spots.

Midriff and hipbones are sexy sometimes … the exposing of these parts has to look somewhat organic and not too staged!

Oh … and the best way to protect your hair in the heat …

Stay inside with your significant other.

Get naked …

Mess up your hair …

Take a cool shower … together … (co-poo optional!) …


That’s it … for now!


7 responses »

  1. I’m in atl hot as hell my hair is now an afro. But I’m not getting nakey with my girls I love them but not that much. LMFAO


  2. LOL! I live in Atlanta, also, (waving at my neighbor Tiffany), but fortunately for me, I work at night. Therefore, I miss the extreme temps. However, I like your ideas for keeping cool. Now, if I could only find that SO . . .


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