May GOC Update: Mekale (#36)


Last month was challenging. May 7th, I started back to school after taking the spring semester off, and my first class at UNF is no joke. So I have been bunning it for the most part.

I did experiment a little, but with items I already had under my sink. Some time last year, I was at my local natural food store and noticed that they had a new line of hair products called Beautiful Curls. Well, they have a line for curly to kinky hair and, after doing a quick search with my phone, I was impressed. I decided to purchase the Shea Butter Coconut Hydrating Curl Oil. I used it once, because I did not like the smell. It smells…….organic. lol. Anywho, fast forward to now, I read about the LOC method of using an oil over wet hair, then a butter over that. I skip a wash day and day 9, I sprayed my hair with water and coated my hair with the oil (I skip the butter because I was lazy), did about 4 two strand twists, then made two big twist out of those twist, and twisted them together in a bigger two strand twist, and slapped it in a bun. On day 12, when I took it down to apply a deep conditioner before I washed my hair (that I also read about), I was seriously amazed. My hair was well-defined, soft and I decided that the smell was worth the results. So to make a long story a little shorter, it is a keeper.

Now, about the deep conditioning before washing method, I used Proclaim Argan Oil Intense Hydrating Masque, which I applied Saturday morning. I didn’t wash my hair until Sunday evening. I really dug the results, so this is also a keeper. On to this months fails. First up, dry twist outs. Yeah, I don’t know why I tried that mess. I already knew that I get the best twist outs from freshly washed hair, but I read a post on Curly Nikki’s site about an awsome dry twist out. I felt that, since I now have found the best oil for my hair, my results should be stellar. I was so wrong. It was a frizzy, tangled mess, which ended up in a bun.

Next up is a dang flat twist out. I thought that, since my hair did so well with the accidental braid out that I did in the beginning of this challenge, this had to be the bomb dot com! lol. It was cute in the beginning. But, I am not sure if it was because of the 94 degree temp and crazy humidity that Florida is known for, or if the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie didnt provide enough hold, but I had huge hair,which isn’t a bad thing. But, it frizzed up and only lasted one day (first pic above).

Health & Fitness
Sadly, the weight I lost last month, I gained back, partially because I got over the strep throat that I was hit with and was able to eat. I work for a doctor’s office and we periodically have to do educational meetings, which center around dinner. There were two this month at a very high class restaurant. Both times I indulged in the Reisling wine and signature desserts. I know, I get a sad face sticker, but I did step my game up at the gym. I am working out with my brother whose favorite past-time is being in the gym, and my hubby who is being supportive of me and who has also become a work out junkie. Everything they do, I do. I love weight lifting and they keep me motivated. I hate cardio, but they make it fun. Plus, I get to hang out with people that I love. As my hubby would say, I am going to hit it (this weight loss journey) in the head next month :)!

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