Daily Archives: June 20, 2012

Twist Then Stretch


by Nia of Ask Nia B

Sometimes I’ll blow dry my hair using the tension blow dry method. I don’t use a lot of heat on my hair (maybe three or four times a year) and will reserve this treat for times when I’m going somewhere and would like to lengthen my hair a bit for the occasion. Well, the other day, I did my whole hair routine and once my braid/twists dried overnight, I realized I had to go somewhere and wanted my hair a bit more stretched.

So, I sat on my bed looking out the window; maybe I was tryna find inspiration from the trees – I don’t know (lol). But, nonetheless, I needed to figure out how I was gonna pull off stretching my hair and make it to the event on time. I couldn’t do the “normal” tension blow dry method, because I do that before I twist my hair and it was obviously too darn late. I didn’t want to take the twists down and stretch my roots with the blow dryer, because I wanted to keep the texture from my braid/twists. So, I decided to blow dry and stretch my hair with the twists still in.

Here’s a pictorial of what I did:

I wasn’t sure if this was going to work, and I believe I spent way more time analyzing the process than I needed to. But, as you can see, comparing where my twist was in the first picture and the result in the fourth picture after the Twist Stretching, I was all set!

I noticed it didn’t take as much time for me to stretch my hair while in the twist as it does when I do it before twisting (which equaled less heat!). Also, the blow drying didn’t disturb the texture I was trying to keep, so I was all good. I think from now on I’m gonna twist, then stretch and not the reverse! That way, I save myself a smidgin of time, heat on my hair and money on my electric bill!


Do you use the tension blow dry method?  If so, would you try doing so while your hair is in twists, etc.?