Father’s Day Lesson


by Weusi

There are a few sub-topics that contribute to this post. So, I share the following things with you in full disclosure.

My love for Shelli is rivaled only by my love and passion for “community.”

I will always support peace first. BUT … I also believe that violence is an engrained part of our culture and I will not allow myself or others to be victims of violence. So, I will fight for the things that I believe in and against things that I am opposed. I will do this violently, if necessary.

I don’t like to support celebrity talk. I don’t even like the idea that someone is considered a celebrity. Instead, I like to think of everyone as having something special about them.

I don’t give ignorant acts much thought, energy or time.

I’m not an angel. I’ve been in squabbles, conflicts and altercations in my past. I’ve received a few lumps, bumps and bruises, and have caused a few tears. I’ve allowed a false sense of ego to push me and others into physically unsafe situations. I’ve been in situations where I allowed (and supported) other people’s ignorance and put my life at risk.

Even with almost 42 years of life experience, a few months ago I had a person that I considered a friend do something in a group of people that could have ended up violently. I was a guest of his and in a setting where we would have been ridiculously outnumbered. He had a few drinks and tried to pick a fight. I diffused the situation with the assistance the “party host” and security. Afterwards, while talking about how pissed I was at him he says, “Ok … I know it was stupid, but he challenged my … .” I stopped his sentence there.

I told him, “After admitting that what you did was stupid, there is nothing that you can say to legitimize your actions.”

I mention this because, sometimes, you just find yourself in situations you have to make decisions about.

NOW … with all this said … I’m writing this for you: mothers, aunts, cousins, friends, guardians of young men. Those that may one day be fathers.

This post comes with a very simple message.

There is no reason in the world that could validate what went down between Chris Brown and Drake.

Both of these cats had people around them that I am sure could have stopped that fight. The people who were involved should have known better.

I am damn near POSITIVE that someone told them both something that I know many of you have told the young men around you.

The decisions of others can mean success or failure, life or death … to you.”

That’s all I’m saying. Be smart and use some common sense. Don’t have people around you that don’t use common sense.

Actually, I have a lot more to say, but I don’t want to stay on my soapbox.


And PLEASE … if you hear people talking about this, interrupt them and change the conversation by reminding them that over 50 people were killed in ONE weekend in Chicago. The question of why they were killed is damn near irrelevant, because 53 people are gone now. They can’t tell you what happened. What is relevant is that we all know that the violence must stop.

I hope that you all have a Happy Father’s Day.

(REMEMBER, you don’t have to wait until Hallmark gives you permission to acknowledge the fathers, father figures and positive male role models in your life.)

*** Pops, I know that you’re reading this. Thank you for the love, wisdom, experience, money, food, shelter, community, principles, and many lessons … I love you, man!***



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  1. Oh how I wish there were more men like you! You just need to publish this in a forum that is read by more men. I know that Kevin Hart was making a joke when he said this, but “celebrities” need more “NO” people in their lives. They have all of these yes people who want to ride the wave for as long as they can. Nobody wants to cross the big man for fear of getting cut off. It is plain ridiculous. What I think is even more ridiculous is the amount of money people get paid to entertain us! I was so ready with my anti-ticket campaign if there was a lockout in football or basketball last season, but the lockouts ended and I’m sure diehard sports fans would have not paid me any attention. But, that’s another topic for another time.

    Happy Father’s Day to you as well. I am sure that there is some young man out there who has been guided by your words of wisdom, impressed by your character, or inspired by your insight! I hope you have an awesome day!


  2. Thoughtful and timely message Brother. I’m reiterating this message to the young men AND young ladies in my life (young girls are gangsta too). No need to jump off that soapbox so quickly…positive messages need to be heard.


  3. Only question I have here is were both Drake and Chris Brown actually involved int he fight or was it more of the idiots around them (i.e. hired men, entourages,etc.)? I didn’t keep up with the story. But I totally agree with your comment about being careful about the association you keep. I love this old saying, “If you want to fly like an eagle, don’t hang with pigeons!” Violence is never the answer. It seems that someone would’ve been mature enough to attempt to diffuse the situation. Alcohol and egos don’t mix well. Shameful for the youth who look up to these so called celebrities.


  4. Weusi….with love, respect and admiration – continue to pass it forward…thank you for being the man that you are…Dad (Pops)


    • thank you for making me the man that i am and for keeping me around eagles … and for pointing out how to identify the pigeons that thought that they were eagles! #SHINE


  5. Excellent post. I very much loathe the term “celebrity” and find this newer crop of individuals to be anything but entertaining. At 40 something I remember Sammy Davis Jr. and the like. I’m sure that he and his peers had their share or inter and intrapersonal struggles; yet somehow the gentleman aspect seemed to surface. Nowadays “thuggery” – Is that a word? Lol – is the norm. Role models indeed.


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