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Hi guys! Just a quick post to show you my hair length after the cut this past Sunday. As you can see, the longest layer is still waist length. My longest lengths had grown past that point and my “lead” hairs were approaching tailbone length. But, the gap between that hair and my shorter crown area was too wide. This haircut has finally freed my “new growth” so that my ends are curling again and volumizing shrinkage has returned. Whoop Whoop (That’s for you Gina. ;))!!

Now, here are a few more pics, including shots of the front of my hair, comparing my length now to 4/23/12, after 3 inches of trimming. The front is where significant amounts of hair were cut to create some frace framing layers. The back was layered and the ends were cleaned up a lot! Again, I LOVE my new haircut!!

So, as you can see, although my hair looks a lot shorter, I really didn’t lose a huge amount of length! It’s just that my curls are no longer hidden by my old henna loosened ends. I really feel like I transitioned and finally cut off the “relaxed ends” that weren’t allowing my curls to fully reveal themselves! Of course, an EXCEPTIONAL cut has a lot to do with it too! Alright, time for me to wash this mop! I applied Aubrey GPB mixed with Vatika oil this morning and let it “marinate” for a few hours. Now it’s time to hop in the shower and see if I still have my WnG game right with real curls;)!

My “photographer” getting in on the action ;).



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    • Yes, the pics on the left are after the cut, the pics on the right are from 4/23/12, with the exception of the last 3 pics. The two pics in the next to last row are after the cut, the pic in the last row is before (4/23/12).


  1. Oh what a difference a cut makes! Your curls really are poppin’ and you didn’t sacrifice as much of our (yes that’s right, “our”) length as I initially thought.

    Can’t wait to see the WnG pics. #that’sanottoosubtlehint


    • Bwahahahahaha!! Rhonda, you always make me laugh:)!! And, I’ll be posting the WnG pics:). I didn’t do it until late last night and it really wasn’t fully dry until today. It’s not perfect, but it turned out decent when I did it on my own. I was trying to style it to the side part, and that was a fail. So, from now on, I’ll style it as usual, with the center part. But then, once it’s dry, I’ll shift the part to the side. I think that helps pump up the volume anyway.


  2. It looks good before and after if you ask me (not that my opinion counts for anything lol). I guess its just about the style. I was thinking of getting the cut but now I’m backing out because I’m losing too much length, significantly hampering my goal. After the last trim, I realize that I’m trimming a bit too much. My trims and then the professional one.

    Once I can get my hair to a point of mid back length from the crown, then I’ll get it cut so that the lead hair isn’t too far down. Since my last trim, I’ve lost about 3 inches in the back and 2 in the front. I can’t pin my front and sides back like I used to and I don’t like that. So, back to protective styling and no trimming for a while.


    • Thanks Michelle:)! I can understand why you don’t want any more cuts when your front and sides aren’t working the way you are used to! Well, you are very creative with your protective styles and they are cool for the summer!!


    • Awwww, thank you Natasha!! I just added another pic! I don’t know why I didn’t include the one of me and Wei in the first place!! And, I took another one of me smiling that will post tomorrow too;).


  3. Oh, I hadn’t seen your answer….I was almost sure that the smile was not for the tripod !!! The last pic : your happiness really “shines” !


    • I was nervous too Lauren!! Excited, but still nervous! Now, I’m so happy that I did it!! it’s so much easier to deal with when I’m wearing it down, because it shrinks more and doesn’t get caught under everything!!


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