May GOC Update: Charelle (#10)


by Charelle of Candy Curl

Hi GOCers!!!!!

The month of May is always my favorite, because it is my birthday month!!! As far as styling goes, I did some TnCs and WnGs. I also decided to straighten my hair (or attempt to straighten), so I could measure my progress and to do a little bit of trimming of my split ends and SSKs. I was shocked when blow drying my hair! My hair has gotten so thick, and it’s really a little overwhelming. I wasn’t able to get it bone straight, it was a little frizzy and it took double the time that it would normally take to straighten. I think next time I decide to straighten I will definitely have to go to a salon.

A few days after straightening, I went through my hair in sections and cut off the frayed and split ends. I have some heat damage in the front left section of my hair, so I think I’ll have to get that cut off by a professional. I also hate the shape of my hair right now, it doesn’t fall right at all, so I want to get it shaped up without losing the length I worked so hard at getting!

I’m so happy I got the chance to go to the Hairscapades Meet-up and to meet such wonderful and inspiring curlies! I’m also VERY thankful for my beautiful Sofistafunk skirt (thanks Shelli and Arlinda!!!).

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