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    • My Yuty Monster!! You finally came out of the lurk?? Ok, how perfect is it that I chose monsters as the avatars for commenters without avatars? And the fact that yours is brown is frickin’ hilarious! Awwww, that is soooo sweet:). Yeah, that’s a daddy:).


  1. Reminds me of my Dad back in the day – no shame in his game and he had no problem making a fool of himself – be it walking 30 NYC blocks with me and my Brownie/Girl Scout troop in parades, dance recital practice, whatever! Love you Daddy! Shoutout also to my Stepdad – love you too Pops! Lucky to have both….



  2. Love it! That would have been my Daddy also back in the day. I am the epitome of a Daddy’s girl and told my father a couple of years ago that I felt sorry for all those girls who didn’t get to be Daddy’s girls. Oh how I love my Daddy!!!


    • Yeah, I always look at that with a little envy as my dad worked a lot and wasn’t the cuddly or affectionate type at all when my sisters and I were little girls. But, you know, he was there and that is more than some can say. So, it’s all good;).


  3. I always smile when I see this commercial. It just makes you feel good. Some of my guy friends say they would not do that but I think once they have a daughter it will be different.


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