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Split Ends: A Cautionary Tale


M of Hair and Other Stuff

I waited too long to trim my hair. No doubt, I was trying to hang on to some length or something silly like that. I’ll not beat around the bush though, it’s not worth it. By the time I got my hair trimmed, the hairdresser had to take off about about 2-3 inches of brillo-pad like hair. That STILL was not enough because my hair continued to act a donkey and felt hard and rough. This was irking me to no end so I began to really look at my hair strand by strand.

Upon inspection, I saw a jungle of split ends, bent (damaged) strands and single strand knots. A head FULL! I thought I had been doing so well with taking care of my hair. :-(. In order to do something about it, I started trimming individual strands (Search and Destroys) like a lunatic. I even inadvertently cut off healthy hair! I clearly got carried away y’all! That was in March. It’s now May. I just got about 2 more inches cut off this Month. That’s a total of 4-5 inches in 2 months.

late summer 2011

May 2012: Pre-trim

May 2012: Post-trim

Shameful. The funny thing is, by trying to hold on to a little bit of hair, I lost much more than I needed (or wanted) to lose. If I had just gotten it trimmed when I first noticed something was awry, I wouldn’t be writing this post now (that lesson could preach, but I digress.).

To be fair, I’ve had problems retaining moisture, which has contributed to the terrible condition of my hair. Seems like I’m starting from the beginning, yet again, but that’s ok. You live and you learn. I’m hoping that others will learn from my mistake. If you notice your hair needs a trim (split ends, dry ends, breakage, knots, etc.), do not wait, do not think, do not stop, but RUN to your nearest salon (or do it yourself) and get that junk cut off! Your hair will thank you for it. 🙂

(p.s. One last thing. I think it’s important to note that trimming your ends will not always get all of the damaged hair, especially in the interior of your hair, so search and destroys are crucial! You may also need to face that fact that some hair damage requires more than a trim. It might require an actual cut. For those who aren’t as skilled, there are definitely times you need to seek professional help! I did.)


When is the last time YOU had a trim? Do you know the difference between when you need a trim vs. an actual cut?


A Change of Part?


So, this is end of Day 4 hair. It’s been getting bigger every day and I’m so excited to have volume again!!

See what I mean?!?! Anyway, it’s gotten a little wild for work and I have a staff meeting, so it’ll probably be bunned when you’re reading this!

Anywho, the real point of this post is this. On Tuesday night, I learned that a thread was started on LHCF about my recent haircut! Kind of surreal! *lol* Anywho, everyone was very complimentary of the cut, but there were a couple of comments about my center part. Seems some aren’t a fan of it. The young lady who started the thread indicated that she was going to ask me to part it on the side. I’m a person who generally walks to the beat of her own drum and make aesthetic choices that please me, not necessarily others. However, I also try to be open-minded and receptive to constructive criticism. So, although I didn’t get the “formal” request, I decided to oblige the poster:)! After I got home from work from yesterday, I placed my ever expanding WnG in a side part and snapped a few pics. (Many of you may have seen these on FB already, but I know that I have a few readers who aren’t on that, so I have to share with them too!!;))

You know that I can’t see like this! *lol*

I received a lot of positive comments on the side-part pics here. And, you know, I kind of like it too!! I think that it does look more flattering here. But, the reason I generally part down the middle is because it hides my “bad” eyebrow and the way it’s parted above, it’s covering my “good side” and falls into my eye! *lol* But, you know, maybe I’ll just have to move outside of my comfort zone, break out the eyebrow pencil a little more often and grab a bobby pin or two so that I can wear a side part more often;). What say ye?


How do you prefer to part your hair? Do you mix it up from time to time?