Daily Archives: June 13, 2012

Day 3 (or is it Day 2?) WnG Hair


Hmmm, I got my hair done on Sunday, but didn’t finish until around 8 pm. So, is a day counted by how many days you had to sleep on your hair or a 24 hour span? I’ll go with the first method and will say this is Day 3 hair!

So, I’ve just been putting my hair in a pineapple overnight with a satin scrunchie (no wrapping required) and sleeping with it uncovered on a satin pillowcase. However, on Monday night, my hair was feeling pretty dry and looking dull. So, I decided to apply some Curls Curl Souffle to the length and sealed it with Wild Growth Hair Oil (WGHO) Light. Then, I applied the regular formula WGHO to my scalp and massaged it in a little before pineappling my hair for the night. On Tuesday morning, because my curls were looking a little flat, I decided to refresh my WnG as I explained here. I lightly spritzed my curls with Sally’s GVP Infusium 23 until my hair was slightly damp. Then, I mixed LaBella Lots of Curls with Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter (CD HHB) in my palm and smoothed it down each side of my hair, without separating or disturbing the curls too much.

And the above was my Day 3 hair after work … and walking through the rain … no umbrella … twice. That’s right. I don’t even OWN an umbrella. Haven’t for close to a decade. I bought one one time … lost it within a week. Haven’t owned one since. I laugh at rain. I’m gangsta like that.

Wait … what was I saying? *lol* Anywho, at lunch, I pulled the front of my hair back with a mini-jaw clip that I keep in the hair emergency kit;). It  was falling in my face while I ate and I really like my hair when it’s pulled back like this.

I took the above photos in the mirror like this as the pics never seem to do the volume justice when I aim the camera directly at myself. But here’s my requisite, non-mirror profile shot too ;).

I’m really loving my cut!! Though I’m seeing how much shorter it looks, I think it’s a good shape and losing those loosened waves is allowing both my curls and volume to return. Yea big, curly hair;)! Anywho, I expect that this Refresh and Go should last through Wednesday and I expect to refresh again on Thursday morning with another round of Infusium 23, LaBella Lots of Curls and CD HHB to make it to the weekend. If it starts looking crazy frizzy or too massive with all of this rain, I’ll just puff or bun it. Well … that’s the plan anyway.


How many days do you get out of your WnG? How do you refresh it between wash sessions?