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As you know, I’m planning on revisiting the Wash and Go for the summer. So, I thought I’d share a pic of my hair from 2006 when I first discovered LaBella Lots of Curls and Ouidad’s Rake & Shake technique for applying product, defining, clumping and encouraging curls. Tameeka, a Ouidad trained stylist, used a very similar technique to do my hair on Sunday (she just dropped the “shake”). So, I figured I’d share a video of Ouidad herself demonstrating the Rake & Shake.

A few things about my WnG technique:

  • When I do my hair and Tameeka did it, I apply the styling products section by section and not to my entire head.
  • I use Infusium 23 or the Sally’s GVP version as my leave-in.
  • I mix any gel that I’m using with Carol’s Daughter Healthy Hair Butter first before applying. I just mix the two in my palm and apply.
  • The gel with butter gives me  hold and moisture with little to no crunch.
  • I primarily air dry (never touching hair until completely dry, to prevent frizz). I may diffuse if I can’t wait for it to air dry, but that is very rare. Diffusing gives me more voluminous day one curls and I love the effect, but it just takes too long, so I rarely do it.

So, these are the techniques and products that I plan to revisit when I do a WnG this weekend. However, I am interested in the Tightly Curly Method and may have to investigate that a little more. Any suggestions on a great tutorial for that technique? I think I’ve read that MahoganyCurls has a good one and her curls are GORGEOUS!


How do you Wash and Go?


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  1. Mahagony Curls does the Curly Girl Method and her curls are fabulous, but I don’t think they are as big as you would like yours. She use to just use conditioner also but now I believe she is exploring other products. When I first went natural I used conditioner only but I dont know if I put too much because my hair would lifeless. I did try HeyFranHey’s method with the leave- in and sealing with aloe. My hair turned out pretty good.


    • Yes. MahoganyCurls uses the Curly Girl method primarily. It works, but that method and the TC Method are similar too except for night time maintenance.


  2. For my WnG I just wash my hair with WEN and then I add a little WEN also as my leave in. Add some Shea moisture Deep Treatment Masque as my moisturizer and then Elasta QP “Feels like Silk” gel. I rub everything through my hair scrunch, then go 🙂


  3. Go to http://www.tightlycurly.com for great videos on Terri’s TC method. Your method her is very similar to hers. It’s a little time consuming but worth it if you can go a week like she does with maintaining the style. I modified it a bit by smoothing many curl sections at a time to go faster, but It’s basically her TC Method. Good luck 🙂


  4. So I just discovered the perfect WnG. I also was looking at Mahagony Curls way and really could not use the PM products…thats on the way back! But I did try a VERY easy Method. In the shower, while the hair is dripping wet. I first smooth in sections some castor oil. Then on top on that I smooth on my hair in sections, “Kiss My Face upper management Gel”. I have never experience 5 day hair like these two together. The gel is organic and it leaves the hair really defined curls ( no frizz), bounce, shine, and elongated curls. Extremely soft and great hold. With other gels, I have exprienced crunch, which I hate. But this gel has a medium hold. So yeah, to be its better than eco-styler gel and kinky curly. I redid my hair lastnight and my dream curls came afloat! So try this method. Don’t sleep on the ” Kiss my Face upper management Gel” You can buy it at whole foods or vitamin shoppe for $8.99 or online for $4-$5. Castor oil-$5. Great together and very moisturizing, not at all oily!


  5. Hey Shelli, I just discovered the Glamtwinz334 on Youtube and they each have a WnG routine that nets them gorgeous results…I don’t usually do mine at night but I’m going to try it and wearing the cap at night. She also has a cute bun tutorial on here! Here’s the link to them..
    Kendra’s routine:

    Kelsey’s curly routine-


    • OMG!!!! I didn’t know it was going to do that!!!!! I thought it would just put the link…i’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry!!!!


  6. Hi Shelli,

    I believe I might give the WnG another whirl following your lead. My previous attempts resulted in a perfect disaster ~ dry, stiff crunchies. I believe I need to add some type of butter or oil prior to the gel application. We shall see how it goes.

    Check out http://www.mahoganycurls.com/ . She is using the CG method which now consist of Paul Mitchell leave-in layered with Eco-Styler (blue). Her results are fabulous, but admittedly I adore her Day 4 hair (fluffier). I have not seen more consistently defined curls.


  7. Here is my breakdown of the two methods:

    TCM: Shampoo optional; silicon optional( in shampoo & conditioner); conditioner as the styler; use of Denman to detangle; encourages the formation of curls by its natural parting; could result in stringy, but defined curls.

    CGM: No/low poo only; no non water soluable silicones; conditioner as the styler; gel optional; no combs/brushes; hair could take a while to get used to no silicones – that’s code for bad hair days for a minute!

    Both Terri and Jess (MahoganyCurls) have beautiful curls, but there are differences. Terri has tons of little curls and I think she gets 7 day or more hair. She hasn’t cut her hair in like 10 years and it is butt length, I think. Jess used to rake in conditioner and got uniform ringlets, but redid her hair three times a week. Now, she uses a leave-in (Paul Mitchell) and gel (Eco/I.C. Fantasia) and is getting 5 day hair. She now smoothes the leave-in instead of raking which makes her hair look more wavy instead of curly to me.

    I’ve done both, but chose to continue using the CGM, but either way, its Ramen Noodle time over here.


    • Thanks for all the comments and feedback ladies!!! I have to hit the sack as I have early meetings and a 2 hour drive to get to them tomorrow! But, I’ll try to read and watch everything tomorrow!! So many suggestions!! I think I’ll stick with my method until/unless it fails me. But, you know that I love to be in the know. So, I’ll definitely be reading and watching all of these and absorbing the information for future reference, either for myself or others who need suggestions and/or help!! You ladies rock:)!!


  8. My WnG method: I do 6 sections. Apply garnier fructise leaven in to 80% dry hair. Then SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie for moisture. Finally IC (green) gel for a light hold. I shake my hair up and down, side to side and let air dry. I DO NOT touch it!!


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