I’m Serious with Mine


This one goes out to all my ATLA homies!! LOL! In case you didn’t know, we’ve been having a serious discussion in the comments thread over on Korra: The Legend So Far … . So, it hit me that I never shared some of my prize ATLA possessions, which I purchased several years ago at Nick Universe here! It’s the BoomerAang Gang!!!! (Minus one :(. For some reason they never made a Toph, who is the most AWESOMETASTIC of all!! *boooo hissssss*). Anywho, Appa is so soft and cuddly and he’s almost as big as me ;)! For this last reason, he is generally relegated to the second bedroom with the rest of the gang, except Momo. But I brought the gang all together to get this shot.

Oh no, I’ve probably said too much. *lol*


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    • It looks like you can get them again!! I ordered mine the year ATLA ended … so, what was that? 2009? I got Appa and Momo separately and Aang, Katar and Sokka in a bundle. The bundle doesn’t appear available where I purchased them (Nick Universe shop), but you can buy them separately! My Appa is the Jumbo 30″ one:). Have fun:)!!




    I haven’t looked at the Korra thread yet, because I haven’t found the sneaky episodes on YT here in London. I hope it’s great!


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